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    Re: Favre is likely to play in ’05

    He is a gamer and a gamer will always do what he thinks he can do........Whether it be smart or not! :ramlogo:

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    Re: Favre is likely to play in ’05

    Quote Originally Posted by DJRamFan
    Favre can play for my team any time. He's a true baller. I was getting sick of hearing about him on the Rams-Packers MNF game earlier this year, but you gotta respect what he's done.
    I agree entirely. I was pretty sick of the Brett Favre lovefest as well. I think the broadcasting crew really went over the top with their love of Favre, both in the ESPN pre-game and during the game on MNF.

    That said, there are few players in this game I respect as much as I do Favre for what he's been able to do as a player.

    Quote Originally Posted by moklerman
    Truer words were never spoken. I think Ahman disappearing during the playoffs is more of a hinderance to the Packers post season success than Favre's abilities. I can't argue that Favre has made some bone-headed plays in recent playoff games but I think he's doing it because he feels like he has to carry the team. He still has the arm strength and physical skills to get the job done he just needs to be reigned in a little during the playoffs. Sherman will never do that but that would solve a lot of Favre's mishaps. There's a time to be a gunslinger and a time not to. Favre just needs to take that next step that Elway finally took and rely on his running game and not try to throw the ball through into impossibly tight coverages.
    I consider (or at least considered) Ahman Green a top ten back in this league, which is why I don't understand why the Packers don't depend on him a bit more. I know he's had some fumbling problems but I thought that had been taken care of for the most part. The situation reminds me of the Seattle/Alexander relationship - I think Alexander got 15 carries in their playoff loss to the Rams. Perhaps Martz isn't the only coach who forgets he has a star running back in the backfield from time to time, though I wouldn't want to be included in that clubhouse.

    While Favre gets credit for four interceptions in his last playoff loss, clearly there was at least one if not two that seemed to be on the receivers' shoulders as well. But that's the way the cookie crumbles, I suppose.

    Still, I agree that he's still got the cannon and has the mindset. As you said, you've gotta put up the regular season numbers to get into the playoffs, unless you're Mike Vick. Maybe there's just so much attention and pressure on Favre because, well, he's Favre. Maybe it's hard to take the spotlight off of him in the playoffs, and that's one of the reasons he ends up forcing things and trying to do it on his shoulders. Just a thought. Your point about Elway is a great one.

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