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    Feelings on Warner

    It comes across the screen like so many useless bits of information that crawl along the bottom of ESPN's endless sports channel....Kurt Warner agrees to 2-year deal with Cardinals. It's certainly no surprise, but thinking about my reaction to it, a moment of clarity once again reminds me of what Warner's saga means to so many, even those like me, the most hardened of sports fans.

    Yes that was me at the Blues-Redwings fiasco last night, hoping that Marian Hossa's night was through early after a hard hit on Detroit's leading scorer. Like most ultimate fans, I think what hurts my enemy helps my guys. If sports is a microcosm of war, invented to touch that part of humans that loves competitive conflict, then this part of fandom is certain proof.

    Even in a relatively civil group of sports fans in St Louis, fans still become obsessed to winning, and why not, in a sports environment that so offers little more on the surface. All that ESPN and most of the media wants is stories. Talented, but immature and stupid players get most of the ink in the end, and a lot of stuff about some real great people who happen to be football players never is known.

    But we know about Kurt Warner, we know his whole life story, and some of us have had the absolute privilege to observe him up close and personal over several years, and get to know the man behind the magic.

    Those who never got to know him can't believe why fans love him here so much, some that don't even care about football, but more amazingly guys like me, fanatics, not just fans. I can tell them this, it isn't some fake sports idolatry. WE “Warner lovers” genuinely hope he and his family do well, when normally, for we rabid fans, that would be like hoping Rommel wouldn't lose favor in WWII..

    That's why we knew along this deal would get done without much animosity, because Kurt Warner wouldn't sell his family's comfort now for a few million bucks. His agent no doubt talked him into making that trip to Ninerville, but maybe he just went to get info that would give him an edge against a division rival. He probably went as a favor to that friend and long time agent, Mark Bartelstein, who has been with Kurt from the start, since the grocery store almost.

    The thing that makes this amazing is that as a Rams fan, I know this really makes the Cardinals a force in the division, which I did not foresee if Warner departed or retired, but I am still happy for him. I don't have to hope or not that he will fail, because it just isn't gonna happen. I hoped Ike Bruce would fail as a Niner, and I liked him too.

    That's what is so magical about the whole incredible Warner story. It's one off, whether we like it or not, and whether ESPN knows it or not. I sensed it would be back in 2000, after Kurt had a number of books out about his story. After a group interview session in the locker room one day, I casually mentioned to Kurt that I thought the book came out too soon. Kurt just smiled that Warner smile, and nodded his head. Those with his character know that hard times can come, even for millionaires, but they don't care, because they know their faith will carry them through the darkness as the same person.

    When Kurt Warner is through playing, and his name goes up on the Rams Ring of Fame, there will be tears, I guarantee it, because I'll know what I have witnessed and what it all meant, beyond his rise and fall, and rise again, and because I'll be relieved, less conflicted, maybe a little sad that I will go back to hoping the Cardinals, Niners, Seahawks and every other NFL team and their players have nothing but bad luck and poor performance.

    Barry Waller

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    Re: Feelings on Warner

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Waller View Post
    Those who never got to know him can't believe why fans love him here so much, some that don't even care about football, but more amazingly guys like me, fanatics, not just fans. I can tell them this, it isn't some fake sports idolatry. WE “Warner lovers” genuinely hope he and his family do well, when normally, for we rabid fans, that would be like hoping Rommel wouldn't lose favor in WWII..
    Who knew, Barry Waller a "Warnerite".

    Nice read Barry.

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    maineram Guest

    Re: Feelings on Warner

    Not knowing the, "inside story", I am still puzzled at the way his time ended in St. Louis. His game is shot, he's skiddish, his pinky and thump are shot, he can't take hit's anymore, he's washed up !!

    There are only a number of players, through all the years that I've been a Rams fan, that I hope they do well after moving on and Kurt is one of them.

    Of course the Rams need to crush him the next eight games we play the TARDS !!!

    Maineram -

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    Re: Feelings on Warner

    Man, to this day watching Kurt play makes me weepy eyed. I was thrilled to see him make it to another Bowl, and bummed when the Steelers stole it away.

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    Re: Feelings on Warner

    I don't know if there has been a following of a player from one team to another quite like this in a while. I don't know how it was when Namath went from the Jets to the Rams, or when Montana went from the niners to the Chiefs, but I know Warner has had himself a huge following since leaving St.Louis. Maybe it was the way he left, maybe it's because he's a super class act and you can't help but love him, maybe it's a combination of a lot of things.
    Anybody who knows Packers fans, how were they when Favre left? Or if you know any other (Emmitt Smith from Cowboys to Cards, Montana to Chiefs, etc...) how did those fans react?

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    Ramer Guest

    Re: Feelings on Warner

    I still can't beleive he's not a Rams anymore. It would have been nice to see him get another ring.

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    Re: Feelings on Warner

    It was very big news when Namath went to the Rams. His knees were shot, but the word was that swimming was helping in rehab.

    He had one very sweet TD pass in the season opener (Eagles?), other than that, nothing. His return was only slightly longer than George Allen's. The Rams always did better benching the starter anyway (Super Bowl XIV was due to backup Vince Ferragamo after Haden got injured in one of the most dominant games in the histiry of the NFL. Rams beat Seahawks 24-0. 'Hawks achieved -8 yards total offense.)

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    Re: Feelings on Warner

    Myself and lis still love Warner and what he stands for... he doesn't even age!!! Lis loves that part

    the NFL needs guys like Kurt Warner and I'm proud to have witness what Kurt brought to the Rams...truly amazing years.... put those old tapes on guys of those 2001 we were good..

    "The breakfast Club"

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    Re: Feelings on Warner

    Warner is still a Ram at

    He said he "did NOT want to go to San Francisco"!

    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: Feelings on Warner

    i wish Warner well, just not against the Rams..

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