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    The "Find Homes For The QBs" Game

    When the FA and trade period finally begins, there will be a number of QBs looking for homes and/or on the trade block, and several teams who need to find a new field general.

    The Teams
    Miami Dolphins
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Washington Redskins
    Minnesota Vikings
    Arizona Cardinals
    Seattle Seahawks

    The Quarterbacks
    Marc Bulger
    Carson Palmer
    Kevin Kolb
    Kyle Orton
    Vince Young
    Donovan McNabb
    Alex Smith
    Matt Hasselbeck

    So who ends up where?

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    Re: The "Find Homes For The QBs" Game

    The Teams
    Miami Dolphins - Kevin Kolb(Think they'll pay more than Seattle)
    Cincinnati Bengals - Carson Palmer(no trade, "retires")
    Washington Redskins - Vince Young(Shanny gets that Elway Feelin, whoah that Elway Feelin(But he's gone gone gone))
    Minnesota Vikings - stand pat(Ponder starts, pick up 2nd tier Vet: Sexy Rexy?)
    Arizona Cardinals - Marc Bulger (All the rumors can't be just)
    Seattle Seahawks - Matt Hasselbeck (Lose out on Kolb, Whitehurst gets 2nd chance)
    San Fransisco ***** - Alex Smith (He already has a playbook, this is a given)

    The Quarterbacks
    Marc Bulger - Arizona
    Carson Palmer - His couch
    Kevin Kolb - Miami
    Kyle Orton - Denver
    Vince Young - Washington
    Donovan McNabb - Cleveland
    Alex Smith - San Fransisco
    Matt Hasselbeck - Seattle
    Rex "Hey, I started a Super Bowl" Grossman - Minnesota
    I believe!

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