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    Re: Former Ram Related (FRR)-Warner signs

    -man ...

    I think your still missing the point. In no way am I dismissing the role that other players and coaches had in the success of the '99 Rams. I am not sayin the KW is "all that." All I am saying is that there seems to be no harm in talking about KW on the same board. Rather, talking about KW will validate someone's perspective about the move being good or bad. And there is no harm in validation either.

    Opinions require cogent arguments to be developed if they are to be respected. And there is no foul in affording someone momentary greater repsect if their insight comes to fruition. It is part of the nature of being a fan. You invest emotionally and physically in the team of choice. Football is a business, an entertainment, and an outlet like the Roman Colisiums.

    Trying to segregate threads based on the current status of an individual is somewhat near-sighted to my mind. Getting rid of Bettis proves what? Maybe nothing. Maybe something. But as long as there is some connection to the Rams, any player ought to be fair game for a thread or a tangent.

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    Re: Former Ram Related (FRR)-Warner signs

    No one said if you connect to the current Rams that it can't be talked about in the other forum. Very few of posts have any value to the Rams situation. Most are about how much Warner will make, how he practiced, sad to see him go etc...nothing that we haven't heard a 1000 times over.

    We could talk about how Warner and the Rams of 1999 were the best team ever assembled. Or, how about talking about the throw made from Warner to Proehl in the '99 championship game. Now that is Rams talk. Not the nonsense of coulda, woulda, shoulda.

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