I'm okay with it. If the Rams really felt he represented everything they were looking for at the position, it's likely they would have ponied up. O.J. was a good player on a bad team, but I don't think he fit the mold Spags prefers. Age is a factor as well. Av makes a credible point about funds which might have been allocated to O.J. being used to upgrade other positions of need. If John Shaw and Ziggy were still running the Rams, I would hate the move, because I never trusted their collective judgment as football men. I believe Spags and Billy already have a plan A, B, and C in mind for moving on without O.J. Yes there is another hole opened with O.J.'s departure, but I am nowhere near as concerned about it as I would have been under the former management. It will be interesting to see who we end up with at the position ..