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    Friendly banter for RamsFan16

    Well before the season started me and RamsFan16 had a few debates about the draft. Most centered around a central debate, Chad Greenway vs DeMeco Ryans. Neither was selected by the Rams but it did nothing to end the debate of who was the better player.

    Unfortunately, Greenway was injured before the season started. So we had nothing to continue our debate with. Well as the season nears its final chapter I feel it is my duty as an American to...

    Let everyone at Clanram know that DeMeco Ryans is the third leading tackler in the NFL. He is ahead of A.J. Hawk, Ernie Sims, and even Brian Urlacher. Just wanted to keep everyone updated. Anyone think DeMeco is overrated now?

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    Re: Friendly banter for RamsFan16

    :x you beat me there, but does DeMeco have a TD? Whoops didn't think so but that man ABDUL HODGE DOES!

    Seriously though, I never thought Ryans was that good and I'm clearly incorrect and RamJackson39 is.

    May we argue about this draft when it comes time!

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    Re: Friendly banter for RamsFan16

    Just have to point out yesterdays game against the Raiders...DeMeco...he...he...

    only had 13 tackles, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble, and one fumble recovery.

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    Re: Friendly banter for RamsFan16

    Ryans has played very well, no doubt. Wouldn't mind a guy like that on this team.


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