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    A funny thing happened at the gym yesterday...

    I'm at the gym. Two tv's are on; other side of the room, Fox News; closer to me, ESPN. I'm not really paying attention, but it's loud enough for me to register what is being said from the Bristol Vaudeville act. I'm bench pressing with a pretty decent amount of weight (for me anyway). I won't say how much so as not to embarass AV and Nick. But I will say it was enough that I needed to concentrate on the weight not the cliche-spitters on the tube.

    Then it happened. As I have the weight halfway between my chest and lockout, I hear from the tv, "In their prime, who was the best all-time QB, Joe Montana or Tom Brady?"

    As I struggled to keep the weight in the air, my body began a full-on Revolution. My ears ejected themselves from my skull like two cauliflowered lifeboats. The reason being either shame of delivering this message to my brain, or hope that their quick action would keep this Satanic verse from reaching the rest of my body.

    Next to go were my eye sockets. Those precious windows to my soul reversed themselves as if to watch the carnage of disease running wild thorough my brain stem. There was nothing I could do at that point. The sickness made its way through my body resulting in full-blown orificial evacuations including projectile vomiting. Then.....only darkness.

    Surrounded by medical personnel, I awoke naked in the fetal position silently chanting, "Brady & Montana molest goats. Brady & Montana molest goats. Brady & Montana molest goats."

    Just thought I'd share. So how was your day?

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    Re: A funny thing happened at the gym yesterday...

    Wow, that was funny. Could you imagine if you could concentrate on both Fox News and ESPN at the same time? You might have had an even greater nightmare as your buddy Ann Colter just might have slipped into the Montana/Brady debate thanks to Fox.

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    Re: A funny thing happened at the gym yesterday...

    The bar is 45 lbs?

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