Giants | Pierce pushing for Arrington
Tue, 7 Mar 2006 05:18:43 -0800

Mike Garafolo, of the Star-Ledger, reports one New York Giants player said Monday, March 6, that MLB Antonio Pierce has begun making a big push for the team to sign free agent LB LaVar Arrington (Redskins). The Giants player, who requested anonymity, said the team is interested in Arrington, but isn't certain the franchise has enough money under the current salary cap to afford him. In a radio interview in Washington yesterday, Arrington said he wants to stay in the NFC East, but would prefer not to play for the Cowboys. That would leave the Giants and Philadelphia Eagles as prime candidates for him to sign with.

God I hope they don't get Arrington because then who the hell are we going to get to play OLB? Coakley lmao!