First off, let me say that I did not like the way that game ended. I am, though, happy the Skins lost. I also feel that the Skins had an opportunity to overcome that horrendous officiating at the end, so I don't feel they cost the Skins the game. The WR that allowed the first down catch to be stripped from his hands is the reason the Skins didn't have a chance to !!MAYBE!! score a !!TYING!! TD.

Now, the real reason for this post.

Does anyone else think Al Michaels showed his bias, and over reacted to that bad handling of 4th/1st/4th down? He went off like he really wanted the Skins to have a chance to tie the game. I could see that with the home team radio announces, and would expect it, but the "non-biased" national media announcer should address that bad call the same way he addressed any other bad call the rest of any other game he has called. Just bad announcers to go with bad officiating.

To the Skins' fans, I gotta say, welcome to the RAMS World.