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r8rh8rmike, a buddy of mine (who IS a Faider fan, but is unique in that he doesn't dress up like a pirate on Sundays and can actually speak english) wants to fly up to Chokeland for the Ram game this year. What do you think I should do? Go and subject myself to the Faider nation and take my chances? ...or pass? The guy is paying for the airfare...
I have a buddy who lives in Alameda, practically within walking distance of the Black Hole and he wants me to come up for the game. He got us free tickets for the whiner game and paid part of my airfare, so I jumped on that, but the Faider game is a different story. If I knew I could watch the game without my head on a swivel because of constant distraction, I'd do it, but I know that probably won't happen.

I'm sure I would be smart enough to stay away from any physical confrontations, but not being able to concentrate on what's happening during the game would drive me crazy and make it a bad experience. Plus, I like to celebrate when good things happen and there is no way I could be a passive spectator, which would most likely not be appreciated by those in my vacinity.

I've been to a lot of Faider games and without exception, they have all been uncomfortable to say the least. You should talk to your buddy and see what he thinks because I could be dead wrong about the atmosphere, but personally, I'm looking forward to watching the massacre in the comfort of my living room. If you do go, I"ll be extremely interested in hearing about your experience. I do know that bigredman is going, and looking forward to it.