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    Power Rankings - week 12

    Here are my thoughts on the teams, thus far... :nerd:

    Power Rankings - week 12

    1.) St. Louis- The result of many years of human gene splicing from the DNA of Dick Butkus and Johnny Unitas.

    2.) San Francisco- Crimson Elite returns to dynasty form with Garcia at helm.

    3.) Pittsburgh- Playing better then they have since Bradshaw, Las Vegas odds increase each week on the likelihood of the return of Kordell Stewart after aliens kidnap him.

    4.) Chicago- Good defense+average offense= fan let down during playoffs. The Law of Nature states that the Ravens can only happen every ten years or so. No flukes this year for the "big game."

    5.) Oakland- This team would go to the Super bowl except for the defense allowing my grandmother to run on them. Expect the Bus to shut them down in the Championship.

    6.) Miami- Good defense... Where's Marino just when he would have a team that could win it all with him??!!

    7.) Green Bay- Favre returns to top form and basically carries his team to the playoffs. Green would not be doing as well as he has without the threat of "The Arm."

    8.) Baltimore- Defense is only above average, this year. Can't stop the passing game. Grbac=good passing game until the "red zone." Increased pressure there and compact passing lanes expose him to mediocrity.

    9.) New England- Brady will be great, but lack of real experience will hurt him in the playoffs as games get MEAN. Maybe next year, huh?

    10.) Philadelphia- McNabb needs to run more in the pocket. They need another quality receiver to compliment Thrash. Because of that, they won't go far in the post season.

    11.) NY Jets- Curtis Martin is THE MAN and can anyone honestly say they DON'T like Edwards??... Other then that, this team really does suck. I love Vinny, but they need a new quarterback.

    12.) Tampa Bay- Green Bay getting in the way of the post season. I always knew Brad Johnson was overrated. Thanks, Brad, for proving me right. It's a real shame that Tony will get blamed for the underachieving of his players.

    13.) Cleveland- I really feel that Baltimore can't run the table. Baltimore WILL lose to the Steelers. Tough games up ahead will knock the Ravens out, while a weak schedule pushes the Browns in.

    14.) Seattle- Another year of lost post season hopes for Holmgren. But, look out for them next year.

    15.) New Orleans- Potential Kryptonite for the "Super Rams". The Rams don't have to worry though... With both San Francisco AND St. Louis both doing great, they don't have a prayer.

    16.) Tennessee- At the beginning of the year, I predicted that the Titans' passing game would break out... A little too late, don't you think guys??

    17.) Arizona- I love an underdog with heart... But, does anyone really feel they have a chance in hell of going anywhere?

    18.) Atlanta- The fans better pray like hell that Chandler comes back! Vick looks like he has potential, but the Rams worked him so hard, he looked like he could barely carry himself, let along a team.

    19.) Denver- If only McCaffrey hadn't broke his leg...A lot of "ifs" this year for a lot of teams.

    20.) Washington- This team is the single biggest enigma in the history of the NFL! How someone can go 0-5... then 5-0, beating the crap out of the Eagles at home while they're at it... and THEN lose to the Cowboys, is completely beyond me!

    21.) NY Giants- The only reason this team still has a chance is Strahan and the division they play in.

    22.) Minnesota- Vikings made the single biggest mistake in NFL history... They signed Moss to a long-term contract for a record amount for a WR. Now they can't trade him because no one would want him after those comments and they can't afford to cut him because of the CAP.... Either way, they’re screwed for years to come.

    23.) San Diego- I still stand by my assumption that Flutie is good. He's just puny as well.

    24.) Indianapolis- Great quarterback and a good coach. Just very bad luck. Too many injuries and a young defense are killing this team.

    25.) Cincinnati- Anyone who picks up Kitna after Seattle deserves to lose!

    26.) Dallas- If only the Redskins made any sense and followed the Laws of Reality, we might have the NFL's first winless team in history.

    27.) Jacksonville- This team has the worst luck of anyone I've ever seen. Don't get me wrong. I love the Titans. But, that season still haunts them, in my opinion.

    28.) Kansas City- This would be a contending team if they had WRs. Kennison ISN'T the right direction.

    29.) Carolina- Seifert NEEDS to retire, while he still has a chance to make the Hall of Fame.

    30.) Buffalo- What can I say about this team?... They should have let Flutie start against the Titans???

    31.) Detroit- THIS could easily turn into the NFL's first winless team ever and they're not even the worst team!! Go figure.
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    DJRamFan Guest
    hey atlas, thanks for the props, i'm thinking soon about letting clanram members vote on like 1-5 or something then adding my comments. i first need to get the whole html thing situated with dez.

    thanks for your analysis too, you were able to put more down than i could (for space reasons)...

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