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    psycho9985 Guest

    Hakim to wear head feathers

    damnit No place like home: Az Hakim to KC wire reports

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. (June 15, 2005) -- The Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to terms on a one-year deal with free agent wide receiver Az-Zahir Hakim.

    Hakim was released by the Detroit Lions in April. He signed as a free agent there before the 2002 season but didn't produce the way the Lions hoped after watching him excel for St. Louis.

    In 2004, he had 31 receptions for 533 yards and three touchdowns, missing four games because of injury. He has 265 receptions for 3,555 yards and 26 TDs during his seven-year career.

    Hakim's arrival provides depth at wide receiver for the Chiefs, who recently released Johnnie Morton.

    Hakim played for Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil when Vermeil's St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl six years ago.

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    moklerman Guest

    Re: Hakim to wear head feathers

    I'm kind of surprised that this signing hasn't sparked more conversation from the Clan. Not a lot of nostalgia going around I guess. I have to wonder if Hakim's hip is finally healed and whether or not he's permanately lost a step of that blazing speed.

    If he's anything resembling healthy I like him more than Morton in that offense though. I'm still not sold on Kennison and the wr corps still isn't as good as the Rams' but adding a quality wr to the offense that they have should produce more options for Green. Actually, any production from a second wr will be an improvement over what Trent's been working with lately.

    I wonder how Az will fit though? My first thought is that Vermeil/Saunders will move him back to the slot where he excelled with the Rams, but I also thought that they were trying to incorporate Dante Hall into the offense more and he would pretty much have to be in the slot at this size. So, if they have Hall and Hakim on the field at the same time I guess Hakim will be the #2 wr. If that's the case, I don't know that he'll do particularly well since that, I think, is why he's struggeled so much with Detroit (other than injuries). He's a great slot receiver but not a #2 wr in my opinion.

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    Re: Hakim to wear head feathers

    Were else would he go. "K.C. ; We're not the Rams, but close."

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: Hakim to wear head feathers

    like you said mokler if Az can bounces back from a hip injury hes gonna be a high speed target for Green.Opening up that awesome offence even more will give that div. fits.The Chargers will not have a lock,but they will be tough.Denver on the other hand... no telling.Raiders with moss? 10-6 or 11-5.should be a very competitive div.If Vermiel Uses Hakim like in 99....most likely he will,so look out AFC West. :mask:

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    Re: Hakim to wear head feathers

    KFFL is reporting that Hakim is no longer with the KC. That was a quick cup of coffee.

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: Hakim to wear head feathers

    Quote Originally Posted by txramsfan
    KFFL is reporting that Hakim is no longer with the KC. That was a quick cup of coffee.


    Jun 17, 2005, 4:30:21 PM

    Q: What happened with Az Hakim?

    DICK VERMEIL: “Az and his agent got together and they really felt his best situation was not here for him. Then he and I discussed it. I told you all along that I wanted what was best for him and I think he’s going to end up in New Orleans.

    “I was little disappointed, but I understand. That’s just the nature of this game. You can’t have everything you want.”

    Q: Why wasn’t it a better situation for him? Was it contract related?

    VERMEIL: “Everything’s related: the total situation wasn’t as good. You’re trying to get somebody for the minimum and somebody else’s is offering you more. I think he did what anyone else would do.”

    Q: Are you bringing anyone else in?

    VERMEIL: “We might.”

    Q: Freddie Mitchell?

    VERMEIL: ‘We might. We’re in contact with Freddie because we had him in here before.”

    Q: Did Az have expectations that maybe were higher than they might have been? Did he think he might be a starter?

    VERMEIL: “I never told him he would. The only thing I told him I told you: come in and compete and we’ll give you an opportunity. If you’re not a starter you can compete for a third or fourth wide receiver.”

    Q: Was there any indication that he might be having second thoughts?

    VERMEIL: “No, we had agreements, but we kept thinking about it. It wasn’t the best opportunity for Az and I’m happy for him.”

    Q: Was it a case where he had a signed contract and you had to release him?

    VERMEIL: “Almost.”

    Q: Who do you like as your third receiver?

    VERMEIL: “Dante Hall right now.”

    Q: But keeping in mind what you said in the past that you don’t want him taking a whole lot of opportunities, who are the other candidates?

    VERMEIL: “A bunch of them are. We drafted one, Jeris McIntyre comes back and looks really good, John Booth comes back and looks real good. They’re all better football players today. There’ll be a lot of competition. I think Richard Smith is in the thick of it.”

    Q: How did Brian Waters look?

    VERMEIL: “He did a good job. Those guys who know what they’re doing come in and do good jobs. It’s not a real tough practice. He’s about the same weight he was last year this same time.”

    Q: Is mini-camp a different pace than the OTA’s?

    VERMEIL: “It’s a little longer practice. We include some running game. The OTAs are more of a passing camp.”

    Q: They seem a little more high-spirited.

    VERMEIL: “Well, you do more things that require that.”

    Q: You had Kevin Sampson going with the first team at right tackle. Any significance to that? Is that the way it’s going to be when camp opens?

    VERMEIL: “It could. We’ll work them both. We might even put Jordan (Black) back over there before we leave for camp. Just working them both.”

    Q: Didn’t see Will Shields out there today.

    VERMEIL: “No, I don’t work him. He’s here at the meetings this morning.”

    Q: How did Willie Roaf do?

    VERMEIL: “He was in every offensive play that the starting offense was in. When you see something look good it feels good.”

    Q: Because that was one of your concerns that those guys were not there.

    VERMEIL: “I know it, but it’s nice to see how well Jordan Black and those guys have responded in getting those reps.”

    Q: You saw again a little of the athleticism of Derrick Johnson today.

    VERMEIL: “Yeah. He’s a special athlete.”

    Q: Did it surprise you?

    VERMEIL: “No, it didn’t surprise me. He’s a first round pick and the 15th pick, so you’d expect him to do a lot of good things. But he’s done well in every way, every way. His attitude has been outstanding; his work ethic has been outstanding and his athletic skills outstanding. And, how about Kris Wilson? Kris Wilson was special on the field today. It’s great to see him back 100%.”

    Q: As you get ready to head to training camp is this the most comfortable and confident you’ve been with a team since you’ve been here?

    VERMEIL: “It’s the most talent we’ve had unless we don’t screw it up. It’s more talent than we’ve had any time before.”

    Q: I know you don’t deal with contracts, but what do you think the chances are of having Derrick when camp begins?

    VERMEIL: “I believe it will happen. I believe he’ll be there.”

    Q: Is contract a hold up for, say, Freddie Mitchell?

    VERMEIL: “No, we decided to go with Az Hakim because he already knew the offense. I felt I owed him an opportunity. It didn’t work and now we’ll bring Freddie in probably if we can talk to him tonight. We’ll see, But I’m pleased with what I see in Jeris McIntyre. He’s a better football player.”

    Q: Do you think there’s a decent chance a deal can get done with Freddie Mitchell?

    VERMEIL: “I think there’s a decent chance. I do.”

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    Re: Hakim to wear head feathers

    Well, I think it's probably a done deal that the Chiefs grab Freddie Mitchell. Not sure what Hakim's thinking going to New Orleans, besides maybe more money. I doubt he gets more opportunities or a better chance to win down there.

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    moklerman Guest

    Re: Hakim to wear head feathers

    As much as I enjoyed Hakim and his link to the glory days of '99-'01 I've still never fully forgiven him for fumbling that punt in the playoffs against...hey, I just realized it was New Orleans. That S.O.B.'s been setting this up for years! He's wanted to play for the Saints all along and he gave that game away just to get on their good side! LOL. Just kidding, but I still get pissed everytime I think of his butter fingers ruining such a great comeback by the Rams.

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    KurtWarner2005MVP Guest

    Re: Hakim to wear head feathers

    Az shoulda come back home.


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