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    Harmon's QB/RB/WR/TE rankings


    7 Mark Bulger STL Top producer when he's on the field. Ill-fated tackle ruined great half

    39 Gus Frerotte STL Martz's gone, but Bulger, Bruce and Holt remain. Threw 18 TD for Fins

    67 Ryan Fitzpatrick STL Fantasy darling for a short spell in '05. Back in the 3rd role for '06


    9 Steven Jackson STL Linehan wants to boost touches and opportunities

    61 Marshall Faulk STL Back for one last round. Will be interesting in Linehan attack


    5 Torry Holt STL Averaged nearly 1,400 yards and 10 TDs over last three

    44 Kevin Curtis STL Martz may have moved to DET, but Linehan will get it done

    52 Isaac Bruce STL Missed 5 games in '05. Wasn't much of a factor after return


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    Re: Harmon's QB/RB/WR/TE rankings

    I really think this is gonna be Steven Jackson's breakout season, and I really think Bulger is underrated (by fans of other teams, obviously, but they DONT realize how amazing he is)

    Obviously we must keep all 3 WRS in later years except Bruce, because he'll be retiring anyway, and TE, what a joke that is, imagine how amazing we'd be with V. Davis!? But...I'd take Huff over him anyday, we know the D! And ofcourse, Marshall back for hopefully one more year, if not a few more, depending on his knees...but hopefully we can get him one last ring, what a great end for a phenominal player if we could get him just ONE MORE!
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Harmon's QB/RB/WR/TE rankings

    If you can pick up Bruce in the 8th or 9th as a back up WR I reckon that will be a good value pick-up in any fantasy league.

    Jackson has to breakout this year or people will start getting on his case. I think he will.

    Faulk may get something like 150 touches this season, most of them receiving I would guess so he could be a luxury you can't afford to be honest.

    Any TE pick up we get could be worth a flyer though and our D could rise to the middle of the pack.

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    Re: Harmon's QB/RB/WR/TE rankings

    good rankings.... but if bulger was still healthy he probably would of lead the league in passing... he lead it before he got injuried. jackson and faulk could of had better rankings with more touches, and holt should be higher..... i had no clue that Marshall Faulk had the most TDs in a season record before....i think he was on the Rams, but he got that record in 14 games.... he would of probaly extended that if he wasnt out for those 2 games...i saw it in an article.... i wish Marshall Faulk had at least one TD last year


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