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    Henry trade on hold until draft

    Henry trade on hold until draft
    Kent Somers
    The Arizona Republic
    Apr. 13, 2005 03:42 PM

    The proposed trade of Cardinals offensive tackle L.J. Shelton to Buffalo for running back Travis Henry remains dormant, and the status isn't likely to change until the first day of the NFL draft April 23.

    "It has a heartbeat," Cardinals coach Dennis Green said of the trade.

    Buffalo also would like to swap places in the second round, taking the Cardinals' pick, the 44th overall, for the 55th selection.

    The Cardinals, however, are balking at that - at least for now. With the eighth overall pick, the Cardinals should have a chance to take one of the top three running backs in the draft: Cedric Benson of Texas and Ronnie Brown and Carnell "Cadillac" Williams of Auburn.

    If they take one of them, the trade would be off.

    "If the draft goes a certain way, and we take a player and that player happens to be a running back, that phone will never ring," Green said. "If the draft goes on and we don't take a running back, they (the Bills) will probably still be trying to move up. They are probably trying to move up with other people also."

    Holding off until draft day gives the Cardinals some additional leverage. It's possible that other teams might want to trade up to take one of those three running backs. The Cardinals don't want to eliminate the possibility of trading down by dealing for Henry now.

    Green didn't rule out the possibility of swapping second-round picks with Buffalo, saying it depended how the draft developed and what would be available with the 55th pick.

    "We keep our options open," he said.

    Henry is in the last year of his contract and is scheduled to make $1.25 million. The Cardinals wouldn't seek a long-term deal with him before agreeing to a trade, because Green would rather have Henry establish his worth in the last year of his contract.

    Henry's contract status adds risk, Green said.

    "Even if we did a trade for Travis Henry tomorrow, it would take us out of the market for any of those three young backs and the risk is Travis is on a one-year deal," Green said.

    "There is risk involved with us, and I'm not saying we wouldn't take those risks, but they are there and we have to recognize that."

    Shelton, who signed a contract extension in 2003, has four years remaining on his contract at $3 million a year.

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    Re: Henry trade on hold until draft

    I'd be surprised if this deal didn't go through. The Cards have to spend that 1st rounder on a CB. I think one of the big 3 RBs is less of a need than a top corner. This looks like pre-draft posturing. We are within two weeks of the draft, that's "looking glass" time. From now until the draft every word that comes from the mouths of GMs and HCs will be near or exactly the opposite of the truth.

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    Re: Henry trade on hold until draft

    surely it makes sense to trade so they have a RB and CB? and get rid of shelton who they don't want I think they are trying to call the bills bluff so they dont have to swap picks and the trade won't happen untill the draft is underway. I'm sure the bills don't want to keep henry

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    Re: Henry trade on hold until draft

    I think Henry will be gone, without a doubt, but I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up someplace other than AZ.

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    Re: Henry trade on hold until draft

    Henry will be gone and the Cards will pick up a RB.

    Whether the 2 have anything to do with each other is another story.


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