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    Thumbs up Hey, let's play ball.

    Sports is way too important to America for us not to play. Folks, this war is a different one. It will be hard to send in the troops. We may have to do what the military does best; hurry up and wait. President Bush wants us to get on with our lives, and I for one think that is healthy. Mayor Guiliani gave a bride away this weekend. Good for everyone at that celebration. Let's live like Americans; play, but play with a little sense of humility. I could really live without seeing Ray Lewis's intro act this week.

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    i could really live without Ray Lewis.

    Your words are very inspiring. I hope the NFL does something like MLB with the Flag on helmet/jersey. Some unis it clashes big time, but we all know that's worthless. I so want one of those hats with the flag on it - if only the $$ would go to Red Cross. Watching all the millionaires cry as the SSB is sang is really inspiring and I, for one, will also rise on Sunday for the singing of our anthem.

    I'm sure we are all connected directly or indirectly to someone in the military, and that alone is scary. I'm at the prime age for enlistment/draft. Being in college, i am low priority, but if my President (whom i did not vote for, but am damn glad we got a "good ole boy from Texas") calls on volunteers, i will gladly sign up, however, with the help of other nations, i hope we won't get that desperate for soldiers, but i'm sure we'd all answer the call willingly.

    Sports are back and athletes are playing with more humility and humbleness, something that should make the games more human, more real.

    God Bless America and Thanks to our Allies - Canada, United Kingdom, etc.

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    I just read on the rampagers list that the Rams will be wearing American flag stickers on the back of their helmets.I hope that is true.Our Rams are one of the most spiritual teams in the league and I'm sure they will display an outward show of support to our nation.

    GO RAMS!

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    Thumbs up American Flags on Ram's helmets

    I believe I read on the Rams web site, that they were going to be wearing American flags on the back of their helmets. This is apparently true.


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