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    Drew Guest

    HOF..who would you send to canton??

    theres 17 to pick from and well thats a lot of typing so look up the list on if you not aware of who is on it!

    my top two are- Derrick Thomas- a beast of a linebacker,a sackmaster and possibly because he died way before his time he`ll get the vote from others who might have him neck and neck with someone else e.g sending micheal irvin is like sending Randy moss to the HOF on talent yes on personality& integrity hell no!

    Richard Dent- drafted in the late rounds and never fully respected by his HC mike ditka who would always call him disrespectfully "robert"-nevertheless Dent was a sackmaster and arguably the star player of the Chicago bears D-line in the days of the legendery monsters of the midway dan hampton ,steve McMicheal were truly great players but who was the greatest on that D-line is something that could be argued over forever -a real sackmaster!

    who you would you pick??
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    BigDaddyPace Guest

    Re: HOF..who would you send to canton??

    Art Monk and Richard Dent

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    Drew Guest

    Re: HOF..who would you send to canton??

    well even tho there was six to pick from and i only bothered to name my top 2 neither of them made it!:x

    out of the six picked im most glad about bruce matthews and thurman thomas not a SB ring between them but real pro pros unlike Irvin!

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    Re: HOF..who would you send to canton??

    There are a number of worthy (though, perhaps, not "slam dunk" candidates).

    One person I'd like to see in is Ray Guy. If he's not inducted, they might as well make a rule stating that punters are not eligible.

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    BigGameMN Guest

    Re: HOF..who would you send to canton??

    It's a shame that Art Monk isn't in yet. When he retired he was the all time leader in receptions, what more do people want?

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    jkramsfan Guest

    Re: HOF..who would you send to canton??

    art monk and ray guy, i think guy is going through the same thing that relief pitchers went through in baseball, it took awhile for the voters to accept there "speciality" position and once they did the relievers are now starting to be voted in,so i guess Art Monk is in the same situation as Lee Smith is in baseball.


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