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    Holmgren: Big free agents not an option in Seattle; Alexander may be gone

    Alan Faneca not coming to the Seahawks
    Posted by Frank Hughes @ 09:27:46 am

    Mike Holmgren was on KJR radio this morning with Mitch Levy in what I thought was a very informative interview. The thing about a forum like that as opposed to the free-for-all that is Holmgren's Wednesday press conference is that in a one-on-one setting, you can lead Holmgren down a certain path and stay on topic. At his press conference, just when you get him on a certain track, somebody else jumps in with their own question and the conversation veers elsewhere.

    Having said that, the biggest news that came out of that interview was that Holmgren said the Seahawks are going to have to concentrate on their own free agents, Marcus Trufant, Josh Brown and Sean Locklear, which will preclude them from going after big-name, big-money guys like Alan Faneca. He said they will still be in the free agent market, but not in the same fashion they were last year with Kerney, Grant and Russell. They will have to take second-tier guys, as they have done in years past. I would say he did not sound overly optimistic about re-signing D.J. Hackett, though he didn't rule it out. He also said placing Deion Branch on injured reserve next year is a possibility, depending on how Branch rehabs from his surgery.


    In listening to him, I would also say that it seems to me there is now way Shaun Alexander is coming back. Holmgren talked extensively about the need to have a running back that can do all three facets of his job well. He said that you can get away from that if you are exceptional at one, as Shaun was in 2005. But when you are only average, you can't be poor at pass catching and blocking and get away with it. When I think back to what he said at his press conference on Wednesday, about Shaun being able to be productive again, I think that maybe he was answering the question, but maybe not entirely forthcoming. Maybe he was saying Shaun can be productive ELSEWHERE, a precursor to trading him.

    About Jim Mora, Holmgren said, "That's a little tricky." He didn't come right out and say the organization wanted Mora to replace him when Holmgren does decide to retire, but he insinuated it is a pretty good possibility. He went back to the story he told on Wednesday, when he got job offers from the Jets and the Cardinals in I think 1989, and basically said he would tell Jim that he doesn't have to take the first job that comes along. Holmgren left those jobs on the table and later took the Green Bay gig. "Having patience isn't the worst thing in the world," he said. He also acknowledged, though, that if Mora somehow was offered the Washington job, "You can be the phone lines will be burning up."

    Mitch also got the same feeling that I got on Wednesday, that Holmgren wants to keep coaching but he needs to iron it out with his wife to let him. Holmgren skirted that question with Mitch, as he did on Wednesday, but it still seems to be me that is what he is saying in between the lines.

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    Re: Holmgren: Big free agents not an option in Seattle; Alexander may be gone

    good info once again Nick, the Alexander situation will be interesting to watch,he was so good just 2 years ago and now he could be looking for work,also good news about Franeca,1 less team to compete with or so it seems.

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    Re: Holmgren: Big free agents not an option in Seattle; Alexander may be gone

    Hmm, that is interesting. So if I'm hearing you right, there's a possibility they could be without Holmgren, Mora, Shaun Alexander, Deion Branch, and D.J. Hackett next year. And even if they are able to keep some of those people, they won't be able to sign big names in free agency. Sounds like the 2007 division champion could be taking a few steps back if much of this turns out to be true.

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    Re: Holmgren: Big free agents not an option in Seattle; Alexander may be gone

    hearing you right, there's a possibility they could be without Holmgren, Mora
    If Holngren stays another year and he will, Mora will have to wait to get the HC. But he will stay put also. Mora wants the be HC of his college, that would be the only team he would leave to coach.

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