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    HOUSTON!, You Have a Problem!

    Sage Rosenfels, OMG!, What were you Thihking?
    The Houston Texans up 27-10 with 4 minutes left in the game, give 3 Tds to Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts in a stunning 31-27 loss.
    Welcome Home, Houston!


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    Re: HOUSTON!, You Have a Problem!

    Jan. 3, 1993. The (then) Houston Oilers lead The Buffalo Bills 35-3 in the third quarter of of the A.F.C. Wild Card game. Result: A 38-41 loss in O.T. (N.F.L. record)

    Nov. 27, 2005. The Houston Texans lead The St. Louis Rams 27-17 with less than 2 minutes left in the game. Result: A 27-33 loss in O.T. (I was there for that beauty)

    Oct. 5, 2008. The Houston Texans lead The Indianapolis Colts 27-10 with just over 4 minutes left in the game. Result: A 27-31 loss in regulation! (N.F.L. record?)

    I knew there was something in this air that makes one want to CHOKE!!

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    Re: HOUSTON!, You Have a Problem!

    Sage Rosenfels is a pretty darned good QB and I actually see him getting a shot to be a regular starter at some point. Either with Houston or somewhere else but I think he's shown himself to be pretty capable the last couple of years.

    That being said, his lack of starting experience will still show through and it certainly did today. Enthusiasm is one thing but he really needs to learn when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em, so to speak.

    I'm sure Houston fans will take no solace in this but these are the things that inexperienced QB's often have to learn the hard way and in this case, at the expense of the team winning. I hope he keeps his head together and continues to build on the strong performances he's recently turned in. He was very obviously heartbroken in the post game interview but I give him credit for coming out and fielding questions after something like that.

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