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Is all of this angst for Kennedy from that one article? With all of the busts that the Rams have had on the d-line I would say there's a possiblity that some of JK's frustration might be warranted. He obviously has no love lost for the Rams but at the same time, he's obviously not a "light a fire under his ass" type of player. He's a nurture guy and the coaching staff, according to JK, didn't approach him that way. As for playing a player out of position, the Rams have a nice long record of that so I can at least see the possibility of that being true. Who knows what really happened and JK was a disappointment(along with the rest of the defense) but I'm not all worked up by what he said.

I just see it as a frustrated, yet prideful, player who's looking forward to greener pastures. Ultimately, it sounds like he's hurt that the Rams(in his eyes) didn't want him as much as Denver does.
Mok (btw, good to hear from you; it's been too long, buddy), my angst over this stems from this article, but the article only sheds light on what has been Kennedy's mindset for (what must be) some time now. It's that mindset that has sapped any respect or need to defend my support of Kennedy. Quotes like:
I felt I wasn't maximizing the talent that I have. They didn't use me right. And because they didn't use me right, I ended up losing some things that I felt were needed and the Broncos are now giving me a chance to regain that.
When I say swagger, it's more about rushing the passer, lining me up at d-end, lining me up at defensive tackle, letting me be a guy where I could use some power.
"Last year in St. Louis, I was just a straight nose guard. I lined up over the center and I was supposed to take double teams. That's it. I'd get in trouble for making too many plays. Now it's about how can I be in a powerful situation but get sacks as well as show my athleticism and keep the linebackers free
.....all point to a self-oriented mindset that has no place on a team, any team. His concerns were that he wasn't being used right? That's not his decision. His job is to do whatever the coaches tell him to do. His first priority is not (read: should not be) what's best for him (sacks & getting in the backfield), but what is best for the team (anchoring the interior & consuming multiple blockers).

When you read his quotes, his only concern is for what makes HIM happy, with no regard for what the team needed him to do. He put himself over the team (obvious from his quotes in this article), and to me, that is not acceptable and worthy of ZERO respect.

That's my problem with this guy. In that sense, he is no different than Randy Moss or TO.