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    If Owners opt out of CBA...

    If the owners decide to opt out of the final year of the CBA, and that brings on a year WITHOUT a salary cap, what do you think will happen to future salary levels? Will the NFL collapse under the weight of its own overhead? What will happen, at least in the short term, to parity in the league? Will the players decide to strike? Will the players be locked out?

    The next year could be very interesting. I think a lock-out or strike would be devistating to both players and owners.

    Just looking to stir-up a bit of conversation.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

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    Re: If Owners opt out of CBA...

    I think the owners will opt out of the CBA, they got their hat handed to them in that agreement. The first year without a salary cap will be 2011 but it will never happen. Either the owners will lock the players out or the players will walk without a salary cap because the owners will get together and decide the cap on their own and the players will cry collusion.

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