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    If The Patriots Win It All?

    If the Patriots win it all and go undefeated does that make them the best team ever? In my opinion it doesnt but I'm sure ESPN and Fox and all the Patriot lovers will think so. I know I would take the 99 Rams any day vs this Patsy team. The Rams wr core was better and our defense was very good. They have no answer for Faulk with Maroney barely touching the ball. I think the Montana Niners were also better as much as I hated them. I'm just curious what some of you think. I know I dont consider the undefeated Dolphins team the best ever just because they went undefeated. The way the Colts are playing right now makes it look like the Chargers will be going to New England making it even a better shot for them to make it to the big game.

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    Re: If The Patriots Win It All?

    The stat-heads could probably give you the respective strength-of-schedules and try to compare a 17 win season vs a 19 win season while both being a 100% winning percentage.

    Personally I hope San Diego can pull off another upset in Foxborough (or wherever they play now).

    I used to like the Minuteman hiking the football which was the helmet decal, but I digress...

    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: If The Patriots Win It All?

    Like them or not, you'd have to say that they'd have to be in the conversation for "greatest team ever", IF they win it all. Are they "unbeatable"? No. No team is. But if they win it all, AND in the convincing fashion that they've displayed so far. I'd put them at number 2 in my list of "greatest NFL teams ever".

    Here's how I would rank my top 5..

    #1: '85 Bears. 15-1 record during the regular season, 456 points scored, allowing only 198. ..and oh yes, absolutely blowing through the playoffs, beating the Giants 21-0, the Rams 24-0, and the Patriots 46-10.

    #2: '07 Patriots. 19-0 is pretty convincing to start with, and it wasn't against a schedule of patsies. They beat all comers, and most of them pretty convincingly. Not to mention all the scoring records from this offense.

    #3: '89 Whiners. First of all, their 55-10 win in the SB was pretty impressive. Their receiving duo of Rice & Taylor were one of the best ever. Which is probably why Joe Montana completed better than 70% of his passes that year. Oh, and having Roger Craig in the backfield wasn't too bad either.

    #4: '62 Packers. Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor, Max McGee and Boyd Dowler, a great offensive line, the power sweep, and a defense that held opponents to less than 11 points per game. Need I say more?

    #5: '99 Rams. I'm a little biased here, because most polls (outside the Clan) don't have them this high. I don't go higher with this team because I think the "cake" schedule they had during the season made them look a lot better then I think they really were. Don't get me wrong, this team was great, but they did had their struggles against playoff teams. A squeeker against a so-so Buc's team, and a game-saving tackle at the 1-yard line probably saved the SB for them.

    Also considered; '91 Redskins, and '72 Dolphins.

    My feelings on the '72 Dolphins as the greatest ever? Even though the '72 team went undefeated, they played one of the easiest regular season schedules ever. Their opponents during that season averaged a "scary" .400 win percentage. ...And they didn't exactly blow through the playoffs, beating the Steelers 21-17 and winning the SB 14-7 against the Redskins. Much like the '99 Rams, I think some of the numbers (wins) accumulated during the regular season were a bit skewed because of the ease of the schedule they faced that year.

    So, going undefeated, although a great feat, isn't a reason alone to rank a team as "greatest ever". IMHO. However, if the Patriots can go undefeated with a tough schedule and win convincingly in the playoffs against the best teams, you have to consider them one of the best ever.

    ..But I still think the '85 Bears are the best ever.

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