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    realchamp11 Guest

    Re: If you could change football.....

    I would change the Rams jearsys and the OT rule :moon:

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: If you could change football.....

    I'd all so like the Nfl make the announcers shut up.

    Nothing is more irritating than listening to guys like Mike Patrick and Joe Thiesman.
    Back in the day it was Howard Cosell,couldnt stand him.

    If a quarterback makes a nice pass we dont need to hear about the history of the play,or why he was capable of making the play with broken ribs.Just shut up.

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    gap Guest

    Re: If you could change football.....

    Quote Originally Posted by moklerman

    Lastly, the one I like the best(which I heard somewhere else. Damn, I wish I would have come up wtih it it's so perfect.) is to move the 1st down marker further away when an offense get's penalized inside it's own 10 (instead of half the distance to the goal). If they have 1st and 10 at the 5 yard line for example, and a holding penalty is called, then it's going to be 1st and 12 1/2 if the penalty is accpeted. I think the defense should have the option, in addition to just declining the penalty, of moving the sticks so instead of inching the ball back closer to the goal line, they could choose to take the full ten yards but move the first down marker to the 25 instead of the 15.
    An alternate/also with this would be to make a "Half the distance from" in relation to "Half the distance to". For instance. Say your at the 5 on third and goal. Someone smacks your QB in the head for a roughing the passer (you have to assume you're a team other than the RAMS because it is within the rules to do that to a RAMS QB) penalty. It is now first and goal from the 2.5. Then the badly beat RT grabs hold of the LDE. It should then be 1st and goal from the 4.2 (2.5/3*2+2.5). The reverse could then be true when you're backed up to your own GL.


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