1) What's your take?
37.8% Kurt will have to carry the Giants
32.3% The Giants have two stars at QB
16.5% Kurt's a has-been, and Eli's a bust waiting to happen
13.4% Kurt's washed up, but Eli's a stud

2) Who should start for the Giants in Week 1?
83.0% Kurt Warner
17.0% Eli Manning

3) Who will start for the Giants in Week 1?
75.8% Kurt Warner
24.2% Eli Manning

4) Does Warner still have what it takes to be a full-time starter in the NFL?
74.4% Yes
25.6% No

5) Will the Giants make the playoffs?
56.9% No
43.1% Yes

6) Barring any roster moves, which team has the best QB tandem in the league right now?
44.7% Raiders (Rich Gannon, Kerry Collins)
27.1% Giants (Eli Manning, Kurt Warner)
13.4% Redskins (Mark Brunell, Patrick Ramsey)
12.2% Bengals (Jon Kitna, Carson Palmer)
2.7% Dolphins (Jay Fiedler, A.J. Feeley)

Total Votes: 8,615

Low amount of votes but still gives an interesting perspective on public opinion about Warner. Three fourths of those polled think Warner is still a full time starter in this league.