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    Interesting write-up about Redskins rookie receiver Devin Thomas

    From Jason La Canfora's Washington Post Redskins blog...

    Rookie Devin Thomas has not endeared himself to coaches and teammates with his attitude and work ethic. With a swagger that was not backed up by his play, he did not do enough to get himself physically and mentally ready to play, and many in the organization wonder if he ever will. He could be surly, he enjoyed the nightlife and he never made any real strides toward becoming a regular part of the offense. He continually ran poor routes - often three yards or more too deep or too shallow - which is a massive difference in an intricate precision system. He didn't do nearly enough to earn the confidence of the quarterbacks. He was drafted to be the bigger, deep threat to complement Moss on the opposite side, replacing Brandon Lloyd, and ended up being similar to Lloyd in far too many ways. Thomas has already talked about the need to get away from football for a while, which, for as little as he played, is alarming. He needs to work his tail off all offseason to be ready to help this team.
    Perhaps sheds some light as to why the Rams may have passed him up on draft day last year.

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    Re: Interesting write-up about Redskins rookie receiver Devin Thomas

    This should certainly make everyone feel even better about the avery pick. This just goes to show what crap the "expert analysis" is on and leading up to draft day. Character analysis is not something that you can easily ascertain in a 40 yard time. The interviews are critically important and yet its an element of the selection process that most fans completely ignore. To many fans, bad character means an arrest record. They dont understand that work ethic is critical to success at the pro level as NO ONE is going to be a star based on athletic ability alone.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Interesting write-up about Redskins rookie receiver Devin Thomas

    HOW could anyone pick a high pick like that , he had athletics , but no experience.

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