An interisting articole ran in the post dispatch last year. It talked about the athletes in St. Louis and who donated what to who's campaign's. I know this is a football board, but being a political science major and a fan of all the St. Louis teams I found it fasinating. However, no rams were mentioned. Either no one donated, or those that did choose not to tell anyone. I suspect no one did, because donations larger than $250 dollars at the federal level(each state is different, in state elections) must be reported. However, independent spending can be anonymous and has no limit.

I have always wondered what party, if any, some of my favorite beloved rams belong to? I suspect that Warner is a Republican, but I think his wife is a democrate, just a guess, I could very well be wrong.

I guess it's no secret what party I belong to, based on my name.

NOTE: I am sorry if anyone is offended by this post, I know politics is a touchy subject for many people, but say, for instance if you had a barber who was a rams fan, he probably would look at our players hairstyles, a fashion designer would look at how they dress etc........

Back to football and a HUGE game at the Dome on Sunday, I can't wait!

Republican Ram