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    It's snowing in SF

    This is an article that appeared in the SF Chronicle from the owners of the forty niners to the "Forty niner faithful". Part two of this post is the rebuttal from the NHS.

    Part 1
    The Letter

    A letter to the Forty niner faithful
    Denise York, John York

    Friday, January 7, 2005

    There has been a great deal of talk about the poor performance of the San Francisco forty niners. Obviously, this season has been a tremendous disappointment for our players, our coaches, our fans, our employees and our family. We, as owners, appreciate the effort put forth week in, week out by everyone in the organization.

    Yet, no one expected a 2-14 season. We understand that this is unacceptable to you. We need you to know that this is equally unacceptable to us.

    Some have said that we won't make the commitment or do what it takes to field a winning team, while others have criticized our methods. Although some of the decisions we've made haven't worked out the way we had hoped, we are steadfast in our desire to create a winning team and we will do what it takes to accomplish just that. This franchise is a community jewel, an icon whose meaning and importance go way beyond the 100 yards of a football field.

    We understand that actions speak louder than words. That's why we took action earlier this week by launching an aggressive rebuilding program and taking the first steps in that program with the departures of Dennis Erickson and Terry Donahue. We have already begun an aggressive search for a new head coach and have a short list of top-notch candidates. We are in the process of evaluating all of our options with respect to a new general manager as well.

    Over the course of the next few months and beyond, you will see us take an aggressive approach. Both the draft and free agency will present us with some great opportunities. We are excited about having the No. 1 pick in the draft and are prepared to use it to enhance our roster. We are determined to return the forty niners to the level of dominance and prominence expected of this franchise and will provide the resources needed to win.

    To reach our goals, we are analyzing every aspect of our football operations and will make the necessary improvements to produce a winning team as quickly as possible. And this is not going to be a year-to-year proposition; we are determined to win year-after-year.

    Of course, everyone also wants to know about the new stadium. We are firmly committed to building a stadium in a way that fully serves the interest of our fans and our team. We know that you want a new stadium that will reflect the stature of the forty niners' tremendous legacy in the National Football League. One of our highest priorities is to work with local leadership to make the new stadium a reality.

    The San Francisco forty niners is one of the great names in sports. Like you, we are passionate about the forty niners and about this community. We are now at a major turning point. We hope you will continue to support us as we take the necessary steps to produce a winning football team and a world-class stadium.

    Thank you for your faithful support. We appreciate your unrelenting passion.

    Denise and John York are the owners of the San Francisco forty niners.

    Part two
    Rebuttal from the NHS

    January 7, 2005 (NHS) -- Owners John York and Denise DeBartolo York made an unusual plea straight to the forty niner Bandwagon: an "open letter" to fans that appeared in the SF Chronicle's editorial section on Friday, January 7th.

    The subject of the letter, entitled "A letter to the forty niner faithful", is what you'd expect: a spin job about how the Yorks do really care because the forty niners franchise is just oh-so-best-ever and means oh-so-much to them and the city of San Francisco.

    The mere act of calling this a letter to the "forty niner faithful" is ridiculous -- as if there are any great numbers of truly loyal forty niner fans out there. Indeed, the entire reason such a letter is necessary is to try to keep the Niner "fans" from jumping off the Bandwagon -- hardly the stuff of "faithful".

    Then there's plenty of crap about the "forty niners' tremendous legacy" and how the "franchise is a community jewel, an icon whose meaning and importance go way beyond the 100 yards of a football field."

    It's a load of bull, yes, and the strategy is simple, isn't it? After all, it doesn't take a genius to know how easy it is to pull the strings of the dot-fans of the Bay Area. Just shovel some bogus flattery that plays to their predilection of considering themselves and 'Frisco the the jewel of the world and the haughty, arrogant Bay Area denizens eat it up. The Whiner Bandwagon really does think the whole world bows to the Almighty Niners -- even though the truth is most people couldn't care less.

    Casting the worthless puffery aside, the Yorks' real motivation comes down to money, not winning. They want to keep butts in the seats and checks tendered for luxury boxes. Further, the last two paragraphs of substance are about how concerned we all should be about getting a new stadium. This is a complete disconnect from the current reality. A new stadium? How about a team that can go better than 2-14 before starting talk about a stadium? Sure, it would be a cash cow for the Yorks, but it's not relevant to what's going on.

    Overall, the letter will be received by intelligent people for what it is: a desperate P.R. ploy in the wake of the bad press the Yorks have been receiving. In the larger picture, the letter says less about the Yorks and much more about the forty niner Bandwagon. The letter was in essence a plea: "We suck, but please-oh-please don't jump off the Bandwagon!"

    How pathetic is it that the owners have become the equivalent of the San Francisco homeless guy on the street corner begging for scraps?

    What it confirms is two things we've all known for years: (1) the forty niners' so-called legacy is not the "best ever" the media likes to pretend; and (2) the forty niner fan base is, in fact, mostly a bunch of worthless bandwagoners that don't care about the game of football, only the hype that comes from winning.

    You would think that if the forty niners really did have that "best ever dynasty legacy" they like to pretend they did, there would be enough loyalty generated to last for years and enough fans in the Bay Area that would support them through one or two down years, at least. But no. Incredibly, there's already talk of blackouts for Niner games as soon as next season (see the SJ Mercury's mention of it on December 29th).

    What the Yorks are finding out is what the media likes to pretend is important is actually not. The only thing that matters to the most fickle group of fans is winning -- not the game, not loyalty, not fake legacies, not any of that. As long as they lose, the fans and the media will continue to jump off the Bandwagon and find a convenient scapegoat in the Yorks.

    In short, the Yorks can't beat the Bandwagon, nor can they join it.

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    Re: It's snowing in SF

    The whiners had their time,now they just need to kick back and watch the real action heros:ramlogo:

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    Re: It's snowing in SF

    Two teams I would never care if they won a game again....9er's & Pats! Could care less if those teams went to NFL europe! :tongue:


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