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    Jason Fisk vs. Grady Jackson

    Remember in the offseason we were considering who to sign for our defensive line? I'm watching the Falcons - Cowboys game right now and why the heck did we pick Fisk? Jackson may look obese, but he's almost impossible to move in the run game, he even moves around and makes more tackles than you'd think for a man his size (the announcers actually said he is currently leading the league in tackles behind the line of scrimmage). Now this isn't just a one-game performance or anything, I've watched several Falcons games this year and Grady Jackson is playing some pretty consistent and solid football there. I'm told he's also likely going to the Pro Bowl this year (I couldn't find any results for the votes cast, are they out yet?). I believe that Jackson would have been exactly what our defense needed most, a big strong immovable run-stopper, the kind of player that could have turned a game or two our way.

    Bottomline is signing Fisk over Jackson was another big mistake made by whoever makes those personnel decisions for us? Haslett? Linehan? Zygmunt? Shaw? I'm not filled with a lot of confidence in the talent evaluation in the Rams organisation. We've seen lots of other similarly stupid moves like throwing a lot of money after Coakley and Claiborne last year etc. Are the suits immune to critique? I think we have to eventually start asking the question: what does it take for someone above the head-coaching level to get fired?

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    Re: Jason Fisk vs. Grady Jackson

    IIRC, the word was Jackson's contract demands were a bit high. Plus, he'd failed his physical with the Falcons prior to our bringing him in. We were talking contract details but chances are we just couldn't get on the same page with Jackson, who ended up signing a three-year deal with the Falcons in August.


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