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    Jenkins future still uncertain (Rams info contained in thread)

    June 14, 2007

    The question that asked to be asked for the next month or so is, should the Carolina Panthers have taken the draft pick and run.

    Back in April, league sources said the St. Louis Rams were ready to part with a second-round draft pick in return for defensive tackle Kris Jenkins. The Rams might have been willing to throw in a late-round pick. (Hmm, anybody think the Panthers might have been able to draft a quality safety with that second-round pick?)

    But the Panthers held out hard for a first-round draft pick and didnít get it. So what do they have now?

    A once-immensely talented defensive tackle who doesnít want to be here. And it certainly is debatable the Panthers really want Jenkins here. Bridges have been burned on both sides.

    Jenkins agent has said his client will come to training camp, but you have to wonder if it will come to that. Jenkins may still be being dangled as trade bait, but other teams arenít stupid. They know there are problems between Jenkins and the Panthers and that means his value will drop. If the Panthers and Jenkins decide they canít co-exist as camp gets closer, Jenkins value might be down to a mid-to-late-round pick.

    Or maybe it wonít be even that high. That would leave one other option: Cutting Jenkins and getting nothing in return.

    Every day, it seems, St. Louisí second-round pick looks better and better.

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    Re: Jenkins future still uncertain (Rams info contained in thread)

    Might I be so bold as to suggest a conditional #3 next year, the conditions being he gets into shape, signs a contract extension and plays a certain percentage of defensive snaps. If the conditions are set right, if he bombs, gets injured or doesn't sign an extension, then it would be a #4.

    I don't know. Alot of people want some veteran bodies on the line, okay, a veteran body. I can not imagine his trade value increasing and after the predraft boondoggle, Carolina should consider themselves extremely lucky to get that. Regardless, if the Rams want him still, it's probably best not to wait and see if he's released. He may not be worth a bunch in trade value, but he could produce a bidding war as a FA, afterall, that's just money.
    Semper Fi!

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    Re: Jenkins future still uncertain (Rams info contained in thread)

    theres not many decent vet Free agents out there. I wouldn't mind a 4 or 5

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