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    Joey Porter now a Cardinal

    Joey Porter picks the Cardinals
    Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on March 19, 2010 6:55 PM ET

    Well, here's something for Darnell Dockett to celebrate.

    Free agent linebacker Joey Porter has agreed to a three-year contract with the Cardinals, according Darren Urban of the team's official website.

    Porter wrapped up a visit with the Redskins Friday, but he wanted to play near the West Coast and Arizona had a bigger need for an outside pass rusher. Porter should start for the Cardinals.

    It's questionable how much Porter has left in the tank, and the signing could backfire quickly. But the move is already popular in the locker room. Dockett said 12 days ago that Porter is all he wanted for Christmas and he's quickly chimed in on the move:

    "BIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDGANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!Yeaaaaaaaaaaaahh ohhhh leeeeettttttssss DOOOO IT!," Dockett tweeted.

    We think he likes it.

    UPDATE: ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Cardinals will pay Porter $17.5 million over three years, with a max value of $24.5 million. Depending on the structure, that looks like a panicked deal that won't go well for Arizona.

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    Re: Joey Porter now a Cardinal

    I like how the Cards are signing household names that are all either washed up or ridiculously overrated. Its also funny to me that the local media and fans are talking about how the Cards signed Porter to replace Dansby....hmmm... I didn't realize you replaced a 3-4 MLB with a pass rushing OLB.

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    Re: Joey Porter now a Cardinal

    Also didn't know u could replace dansby who's going into his prime with someone who's on their way out.

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    Re: Joey Porter now a Cardinal

    Say what you want about porter, but there are a few things he will bring to the cardinals. 1) He will bring a great pass rush if only situationally, make no mistake even if he is past his prime the man is still a sack machine and we will be on the receiving in of a few from him.
    2) Joey Porter is known to inspire his team to play harder, he brings and energy and enthusiasm that is only second to Ray Lewis, the last thing we need is an energized cardinals defense coming at either a rookie Sam Bradford, or a beaten up Marc Bulger.

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    Re: Joey Porter now a Cardinal

    I dont get why they didnt use the money they spent on Porter to try and keep Dansby and also why they dumped Antrel Rolle if they were going to go out and spend loads on Porter.

    Its not like Porter is better than either of those guys.

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    Re: Joey Porter now a Cardinal

    Maybe Dansby and Rolle just didnt want to be there...

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