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    LAFAN1968 Guest

    Just to say Hi

    Hello, to the Clan Ram friends. It's been a few days since I was posting anything We had my 19th wedding aniversary 10 16 01 and dinner went well but wife and I got in bad arguement over her drinking and split for a while. I reliazed that with WTC conflict and my home conflicts that I need to put things in a different outlook on my part, so if the Lafan1968 doesnt post anything for awhile remember I'll always come back when I get my head and ass wired right Thanks for the fourm and I'm not airing personal problems out but maybe someone might help me dael with this or it might help someone to avoid these problems so thanks and I'll always pull for the St Louis Rams on top or the bottom of the NFL food chain . Bye talk/write soon


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    MsWistRAM Guest
    You can always turn to fellow fans for support. If you need to talk, PM me.:upset:


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