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    Drew Guest

    Re: Kurt Warner the better Quarterback

    letting Fletch go was the Dynasty killer,not "always hurt" Kurt!

    Keeping Bulger always was and always will be the better option in the long Marc hasn`t got a skatty cow called brendan for a wife!

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    rams2061 Guest

    Re: Kurt Warner the better Quarterback

    Quote Originally Posted by Spiderwolf View Post
    To this day, I still maintain we should never have gotten rid of Warner. He proved he is still the better quarterback. Bulger has not impressed me. This team has gone downhill ever since Bulger took over. I realize a lot of you like this guy but I dont. I think he is an average quarterback at best and does not come anywhere near the talent level of Manning or Brady. He has done nothing to help this team and is way to fragile. The guy is always hurt and I think its time for a change. That being said, I dont think that will happen and we are stuck with this average do nothing quarterback for the next 3 or 4 years. Im looking forward to next year, and will root for Bulger b ecause I love the Rams, and I hope he proves me wrong and becomes one of the elite qurterbacks in the league, but I think thats extremely wishful thinking. I just dont think this is the guy to lead us.

    I was starting to wonder if I was the only who thought Bulger sucked as a QB. I am so glad I am not alone.

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    Re: Kurt Warner the better Quarterback

    I am in agreement that we should have never got rid of Kurt Warner. When the Rams were in a battle for the most losing franchise of the 90's and then turned it around, it was like we had finally found our Brett Favre, our Dan Marino. You can argue the bonus he was owed with his hand injuries and concussions, but even Favre had a number of bad years with a bad hand, and they just had to weather the storm. Warner is still out there throwing for 300+ yards a game.

    The stats are funny because that's exactly what Bulger is, a stats guy. He's a 60% passer with no intangibles. He did have all the players and home field advantage against the Panthers and lost. He won one wild-card game against the seahawks.

    I'm not a Bulger hater, but the best chance for this team to win was always with Kurt Warner. We are so one-dimensional with Bulger and Jackson, as compared to Warner and Faulk. Bulger only has the slant passes, and if the play breaks down, it's over. Warner found an open guy, and could improvise.

    I bring up Jackson simply because I have no confidence in this new tandom, along with the playcalling, that they will make the 3rd and short, or drive down and win the game.

    Since we didn't accomplish anything in the last 5 years anyway, wouldn't it have been more fun to do it with Kurt Warner? I don't just root for the rams because I like blue and gold. Kurt was a class guy and we shouldn't have given up on him.

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