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    Kurt Warner considering retirement after this season

    Warner mulls retirement
    October 12, 2006
    By Darren Urban

    Before the regular season, Kurt Warner said he wanted to play out the three-year contract he had just signed with the Cardinals, and he thought he could play even longer. Now that he's been sent to the bench in favor of rookie quarterback Matt Leinart, Warner acknowledged he's considering retirement at the end of the season.

    "How can you not?" Warner said Wednesday.

    Since Warner has a manageable contract, the Cardinals have always thought he would make a good backup for Leinart heading into the next two seasons. But speaking to Sports Illustrated after Sunday's loss to Kansas City, Warner said that may not work for him. "I really don't know if I could be comfortable as a backup quarterback or if I'd go crazy in that role," Warner said.

    Warner also wondered if he would ever get a lasting chance to be a starter if he went to a different team, or if he would simply be in the same situation he has endured with the Giants (where he lost his job to Eli Manning) and the Cardinals.

    That would only happen, however, if the Cardinals released him. And the Cards, with third-stringer John Navarre a restricted free agent at the end of the season, may not be willing to let go of a quality veteran backup. That would only leave the retirement option. Asked Wednesday about his one-time comments about playing far into the future, Warner said, "I feel great, I know I can still play."

    "But," he added, "there become so many other factors."

    Warner declined to go into further details.
    Link here.

    I have a lot of respect for Kurt Warner, and a lot of great memories for what he's done in his career. I think in the right situation, he can still produce. But I'm sorry... considering retirement because he doesn't know if he could be comfortable as a back-up?

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    Re: Kurt Warner considering retirement after this season

    I to have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for KW. He keeps saying he can still play and has alot left in the tank. KW needs to take a look in the mirror.....It's his play or lack there of that has put him back on the bench again. Fumbles,Fumbles,Fumbles.......

    I hope he finds what ever happy medium it is that he's looking for.

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    Re: Kurt Warner considering retirement after this season

    Kurt better not retire too soon, he might just be needed after the Bears rip Leinart's head off.

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    Re: Kurt Warner considering retirement after this season

    I'd love to see Kurt go out with a big game, not going out after being benched for the season for a couple of bad games. He's given this franchise a lot of great memories, I'll get tired of watching videos or listening to people recount the '99 season. It will be sad to see him go, I'd just like to see play with a good O-line in front of him for a change, then he'd put up the big numbers.

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    Re: Kurt Warner considering retirement after this season

    I really enjoyed the time Kurt had with the RAMS and he certainly made an exciting time in RAMS history all the way to the Superbowl Win!!!

    I wish him all the best whatever comes of his NFL career! He will always be a RAM Man in my heart!


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    Re: Kurt Warner considering retirement after this season

    Warner HAD the perfect team when he was with the Rams, he is so far removed from that situation now that he should retire if he can't take a step back and realize that he isn't going to do squat for the Cards.

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    Re: Kurt Warner considering retirement after this season

    I agree...Warner considering retirement because he will be in a backup roll just shows his refusal to accept his current talent level. He's a good backup QB, but not a starter anymore. He could have 2 to 3 years left he would only accept that role (as Doug Flutie did). Given the enormous ego that it takes to play QB in the NFL, I'm surprised at his reaction though.

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    Re: Kurt Warner considering retirement after this season

    Maybe Mrs. Kurt won't let him...hahahahaha

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    Re: Kurt Warner considering retirement after this season

    I'm torn about evaluating Warner's abilities at this point. I think he's still able to run an offense and be productive but only in the right situation. Now, that can be said of just about any qb but Warner has ball security issues that may ultimately prove to be his undoing as a starter.

    He isn't responsible for all of his woes but he is responsible for enough of them to justify benching. Actually, if you want to give in to wild conspiracy theories, a favorite pastime in Warner related discussions, the Lions passed on Matt Leinart to allow Arizona to get him. No way did anyone think that Leinart would slip to 10 before the draft started. Martz must have screwed Warner over one last time by letting Arizona have a qb of the future(present) and putting pressure on Warner. Okay, it didn't happen that way but it's a nice conspiracy theory.

    Anyway, as bad as Warner is at choosing which team to go to, he should probably hang 'em up after this year. I mean, for a qb that doesn't have much time left in the league, he's managed to pick to consecutive teams that wind up taking a franchise qb in the draft. On the other hand, if Warner decided he could handle being a backup, Arizona's actually a nice fit for him at this point. Coming off the bench, if needed, he would probably do very well and I'm assuming that after being embarrassed on a national stage, even the Bidwell's might be inclined to finally go out and fix the o-line.


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