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    Re: Kurt Warner Donates Left Arm To Help Young QB

    Have a nice life.

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    Re: Kurt Warner Donates Left Arm To Help Young QB

    Quote Originally Posted by moklerman View Post
    Be happy, Clannies. I'm sad to say that I'd rather visit the PD board than hang around here anymore. If this post doesn't get deleted, e-mail me at if you want to talk some football.
    Hey Mok, methinks thou dost protest too much?

    I have no problem 'appreciating' either PERSONAL OPINION on the Warner subject(s).

    I really do not think what ANYBODY posts on here has the power to disaffect anyone, but stranger things have happened I suppose.

    I solve my personal issues with any post by simply not logging to read them anymore and frankly was surprised the aforementioned thread had over 100 comments, most of them basically redundant.

    Again, I respect every body's right to an opinion. No matter how wrong they are!

    I believe I 'repped' both you AND Av in the 'other' thread.

    I'll be sorry to see you go.


    GO RAMS!!

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