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    Re: Kurt Warner should rot in the Arizona desert

    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerRam
    I root for the Rams, whoever they might be.

    I rooted for Tony Banks.

    I rooted for Lawrence Phillips.

    I rooted for Dietre Brock.

    I rooted for Charles White.

    I rooted for Jeff Kemp.

    I rooted for Sean Gilbert.

    I rooted for every player that wore the horns in Los Angeles, Anaheim or St. Louis since the mid-70s.

    But I rooted for them when they were Rams.

    After that, I rooted for whoever replaced them.

    But hey, that's just me.


    I LOVE Kurt Warner. He is the consummate gentleman, sportsman and competitor. His achievements at QB will remain on the team record books for decades to come. He will be remembered as one of the greatest team players, ever. BUT...he is not a Ram any longer. I wish him well, yet will not root for him.
    I am a diehard RAMS fan who will always like Kurt. I do not like the Cards. To me, there is no controversy or conflict. But, then again, I've always been rather simple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HUbison
    A drunk guy is standing in the check-out line of a grocery store. He's behind this lady who has 1 gallon of milk, 1 carton of eggs, 2 tubes of toothpaste, a roll of Scotch tape, 2 packs of gum and a head of lettuce. He looks at the cart turns to the lady and says in drunken English "You must be single". Well she is surprised that this drunk guy is talking to her, but she is indeed single. So she looks at the items in her cart to find out what tipped him off to her marital status, and having no answer, curiosity got the better of her. So she turned to ask the drunk guy "how did you know I'm single". He says, "cause you're ugly!"

    Don't know 'bout Theo, but MY ass is grinning from cheek to cheek!

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