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    Late Hits

    Last night via Satellite Radio on a broadcast called Late Hits/NFL Radio. Carl Banks (retired linebacker/NY Giants) a supposed expert on the show stated that the AZ Cardinals will without fail finish at least second in their division.
    They went through the Cardinals upcoming schedule including the 2 games vs our RAMS. Banks response was that the Cards would handle the Rams and sweep the series. Also stated that the Cards had a great chance of making it as a wild card. What is he basing this on ? Yeah so they have a top 10 defense from last year, they have top line receivers, added Edge, still have KW. What about the rest ? O-line ? TE position ? OC ? DC ? Bench ? Special teams ? As we all know there's alot more to football than the supposed strengths the Cards presently have.

    This obviously caught my interest, All I can say is that we have been hearing about the Cinderella Cards since Dennis Green became the Headcoach, Well, I still don't see it. I would like to see KW do well but not at our expense.


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    Re: Late Hits

    I'm sure what the people picking them to lead the division see are 2 receivers in the top 5 last year, a top 10 offense, and a top 10 defense. People see a team whose statistical performances don't match their record, and they figure if the team performs that well next year, it'll have a record that fits with their rankings. But the stats are misleading.

    The only reason they had a top 10 defense in yardage last season was because they routinely gave the opposition good field position. Opposing teams didn't have to cover as much ground to score. Arizona finished 24th in points allowed, 24th in red zone defense, and 17th in yards/defensive play. The reason they were a "top" offense was because they were always going through the air trying to catch up.
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