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    Lawyers representing both sides of NFL labor dispute eighty sixed from negotiations!!

    Posted by Mike Florio on June 8, 2011, 8:46 AM EDT
    NFL And Players Resume Mediation

    On Monday, Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal said during an appearance on PFT Live that the lawyers for both sides aren’t pleased at all with the fact that they’ve been excluded, as of last week, from negotiations on a new labor deal. The fact that the talks are occurring in the presence of a mediator makes the indignity even more insulting for the lawyers. Indeed, few attorneys ever would tolerate their clients negotiating in the presence of a mediator without the benefit of guidance, advice, and/or babysitting from the barristers who supposedly know better.

    Former Ravens coach Brian Billick, in a very good column regarding the fact that the league knew from the day the owners opted out of the labor deal that Commissioner Roger Goodell would become the public pin cushion when a lockout is imposed, shares a comment from NFL general counsel Jeff Pash that makes it very hard for Pash to now complain about the decision that Goodell has made regarding the absence of the lawyers from the process.

    “If you follow through with this, you need to be prepared to stand by this man,” Pash reportedly said, “when he gets all the blame for it. Because nearly everyone, from the players association to the press, is going to be pointing fingers at him.”

    Today, this means that Pash and Bob Batterman and every other lawyer who isn’t in the room really can’t say a word about Goodell’s desire to try to land this plane without the benefit of a crew of trained pilots.

    Of course, Pash is probably the least likely to now complain. Unlike most of the other lawyers who now aren’t involved in the process, he’s not billing by the hour. And with his salary slashed to $1 per year during the lockout, why work for free?

    In all fairness, Pash deserves credit for recognizing the wisdom of walking away from the table. Right or wrong, the players have decided they don’t like Pash, almost as much as the owners don’t like NFLPA* legal mastermind Jeffrey Kessler. So each side has sacrificed a key soldier, and perhaps both sides can now win the war.

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    Re: Lawyers representing both sides of NFL labor dispute eighty sixed from negotiatio

    That's probably a really good sign. Negotiations involving the lawyers has gotten absolutely no where. What's the worst that could happen? If there are some personalities on both sides that are blocking progress then hopefully removing them will allow the two sides to get something done. I'm really sick of this lockout, and the closer it gets to interrupting training camp the more annoying it becomes.

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