Looking at the schedule today, here are some of what I call "Looker" games, games worth at least a peak around the Rams:

1. Green Bay at Chicago - Big game in the "Norris" division of the NFL. Chicago has been winning with smoke and mirrors so far this year, when does the luck run out? Eventually, they will have to have more from that offense than A-Train and luck. Today is the week luck is not a lady for the Bears.

2. Miami at Indianapolis - Big game in the AFC East this year. Miami's D has to come up big against the passing game of the Colts, did the D learn anything against the Rams? I think they did. Without E-James, the Colts aren't as potent, and I don't see a Canidate look alike on their bench. Miami in a squeaker.

3. Baltimore at Tennessee - The Titans are banged up, not much offense on the running game, no secondary to speak of, and McNair is not 100%. So, because of all the negatives, this is my Jimmy Kimmel upset pick: Tennessee wins on emotion alone. This is still an intense rivalry, so I go with the home team.


p.s. For those of you who have the pleasure of reading Norm Chad in your Sunday paper, you know what a great sense of humor this guy is. If not, go check him out at the washingtonpost.com. Hilarious.