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    The "Los Angeles Vikings?"


    Posted by Mike Florio on January 3, 2009, 10:08 a.m.
    As the Vikings deal with a stadium that they’re struggling to sell out for Sunday’s playoff game, the first to be hosted at the Metrodome in eight years, ownership of the team faces an increasingly uphill climb in the quest to build a new stadium, for which the locals might or might not buy tickets to games.
    Despite repeated assurances over the three years since Zygi Wilf bought the franchise from Red McCombs that Wilf won’t move the team, signs have emerged for the first time that the Vikings might go the way of the Lakers.
    Per the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Vikings vice president in charge of stadium development Lester Bagley says that the Wilfs are getting “frustrated” by the lack of progress toward the construction of a new stadium.
    It’s reality check time,” Bagley said. “If we want an NFL franchise in this state, we have to resolve the stadium issue. Time is running out. If nothing gets done, then maybe the Wilfs throw in the towel.”
    Uh. Oh.
    Folks in Minnesota don’t seem to respond well to pressure or ultimatums, even when being begged by Jared Allen.
    When the I-35 bridge collapsed in August 2007, we suspected at that moment that, if the Vikings were to land a new stadium, they would have to do it without public funds. And that the Vikings would instead move to L.A. before building a stadium without free taxpayer money.
    Since then, the economy has deteriorated, making public funding far less likely. Especially in the upcoming legislative session.
    “It certainly will not be a high priority,” Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller told the Star Tribune. “We have a fiscal and job crisis in Minnesota.”
    House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher was more blunt. “There is no chance,” she said. “It’s a great idea if they would pay for it themselves. But we are in uncharted economic waters. We are in a crisis situation, and we have to focus on the financial and economic health of the state.”
    To illustrate their point, Pogemiller and Kelliher “laughed out loud” regarding the prospect of public stadium financing in the current climate.
    Wilf wants a $954 million stadium to be built in downtown Minneapolis, and he wants more than $635 million in public funding.
    “Why not? Bagley said. “The Vikings are a public asset. This is going to create an economic boost.”
    The Vikings have tried to characterize the effort as a massive public works project, which will create 5,500 jobs and provide $500 million to local contractors.
    But it’s not working. And with the Vikings’ lease at the Metrodome in place for only three more seasons, 2012 could be year one of the “Los Angeles Vikings.

    Restoration complete

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    Re: The "Los Angeles Vikings?"

    ooooh...*quickly orders his Vikings Tattoo*

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    Re: The "Los Angeles Vikings?"

    Los Angeles lost a couple teams. Why is everyone so urgent to move to LA?

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    Re: The "Los Angeles Vikings?"

    2nd largest TV market. Someone will find a way to cash in someday for that fact alone. I see the Raiders moving back before anything else happens.

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    Re: The "Los Angeles Vikings?"

    I saw the word "WILF" and was immediately confused.

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    Re: The "Los Angeles Vikings?"

    I think SFC's probably right. One, I just couldn't see the Vikings leaving, though that's been the rumor since Wilf bout the team. I'd say it's because of the weather advantage, but for the dome. Speaking of which, please tell me that the new stadium's supposed to be open air. Two, Al Davis will die sooner or later, and whoever takes over the team will move them south again. There's nothing keeping them in Oakland, and why the heck Oakland anyway? It's only slightly better than the Jets playing in Giants' stadium.

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    Re: The "Los Angeles Vikings?"

    Rename them "LAKERS"

    It's Jim not Chris

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