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    Mario Williams and Reggie Bush Journals

    I was looking on to see if Tye Hill had a profile yet, but I couldn't find it yet. I did find Joe Klop. but there was nothing in it except for a picture. While I was on the front page I saw the people who had recently updated their journal/profile and I saw Mario Williams and Reggie Bush.

    Mario Williams

    Rookie Premiere

    I've been really busy, running around and trying to get so much done this month. Things are finally starting to go a little smoother as I make the transition to Houston.

    Draft day was unique for me because I already knew the day before that I was being selected by Houston. It was actually more exciting knowing that I was going to be a Texan in comparison to the thought of being the number one overall pick.

    This afternoon I arrived in LA for a big photo shoot and autograph signing that takes place through the weekend. The event is called Rookie Premiere. I'm a bit tired from the flight and I know my hand will be real tired when the weekend's over from signing all these autographs for the trading card companies. So I've got a lot to do and I'm looking forward to making the best of these types of opportunities.

    Reggie Bush

    Busy Since the Draft - Now at Rookie Premiere

    Since the draft I've been spending a lot of time in New Orleans. One of the first things I did was visit the 9th Ward down there where the hurricane hit. I got to see ultimately what the team is playing for. We're playing not only for a championship but for the city of New Orleans. We're going to carry the city on our backs and I think they're looking for us to bring some happiness back there.

    I've also been doing a lot of interviews and going on television shows the past few weeks. One of my favorite tv shows that I did was the Conan O'Brien show when I was in New York. Out here in LA I did the Jimmy Kimmel show and have tried to do a lot of fun stuff while I have time do some traveling.

    We also had a mini-camp this past weekend. It was just for rookies and it gave us a chance to try and catch up because we're way behind the vets right now. I think the weekend went really well. From the time I got drafted by the Saints, the coaches have been talking to me about how they plan to use me on the field. Basically, I could be used in many similar ways that I was used at USC, playing receiver and running back, catching punts, kicks and returning all of those. I'm going to try and be effective in multiple ways.

    Right now I'm back in LA for the Rookie Premiere. It's absolutely great to be here because I love California and love LA. I'm from San Diego so this area is pretty much home for me. I got to the event yesterday and so far i've been signing a lot of footballs and autographs but should really get into the fun with the photo shoots going on the rest of the weekend.
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