Hasselbeck on Sirius NFL Radio:

-Was he disappointed in last season? He says he's happy that the team won the division for the first time and advanced to the playoffs, but that the nature of the playoffs is that only one team in the end feels like they accomplished their goals and that's the SB champs, the Pats.

-Has Holmgren changed his approach this year? The biggest thing is that the players know the expectations. Vets know how to practice when they're not in pads and how to go full speed. They know what's acceptable versus what's not acceptable, and that hopefully it translates to the field.

-What went wrong with the passing game last year? Some games were great, some were not good at all. They have to be more consistent week to week with basic execution. When your number is called, you have to make play and catch the ball. Hass's job is to throw the pass and make it accurate. Everyone has a role, if one guy slips up, the play won't succeed.

-Was he frustrated with Koren Robinson? K-Rob has issues right now and it was hard to handle. You want to help him but you also aren't sure if you can count on him. Matt is happy he's getting help he needs and the team can move forward to win football games while still supporting him and wishing him the best.

-How does Hass feel about receivers in camp now? They have the guys that can play and win games for them. He says they might have to let go of a good receiver (hear that Eagles?). They've added quality guys like Jurevicuous and Pathon, already have vets like Jackson and Engram, then said the younger guys can really play as well. Very competitive and expects good things from them. He claims it's a strength of their team, and it's up to both himself and them to be on the same page.

-Was Alexander's contract situation a distraction? Not a distraction, Hass feels like there are no distractions with the team right now. They're out there in camp in two-a-days just playing football. Wouldn't say Alexander's unhappy but rather content with his situation. It may be his last season in Seattle, but no one knows. He's happy and is practicing hard and feels like everyone's starting to click.

-How does he feel about his own long term deal? Weird year for Hass because of uncertainty after season dealing with new president. Bunch of guys who were free agents, but found a way to bring puzzle pieces for offense back. They lost some quality players but counting on younger guys to step up.

-Opinions on defense? Guys that have been added that are fine players (Wistrom, Fisher, Darby). They have a lot of young guys at LB, and the CBs are quick cover guys with aggressive safeties behind them. Said defense is practicing very well.

-Hass also said he likes being under the radar. He was confused when people picked them for SB last season since they never won the division or a playoff game, and thought people just wanted to pick the surprise team. He said that became a distraction, and now without the media on them they get to just focus on football and nothing else, and it's been good.