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Thread: matt schaub

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    Re: matt schaub

    Quote Originally Posted by general counsel View Post
    Look at campbell and loseman. I dont see what they have done that should give anyone any faith in their decision making. I would rather take a guy with three years experience who has plenty of pedigree that a total crapshoot on a guy that you dont even know whether he can adjust to being a professional qb.
    Maybe the Bills and Redskins would have rather had a Matt Schaub with three years of NFL experience, who knows? But that wasn't an option for them in 2004 and 2005 when they selected Losman and Campbell respectively, so I really don't see the point in that position.

    Furthermore, I think it's a dangerous assumption to think that any mid first round QB that you could put up against Schaub is a total crapshoot who doesn't also have some pedigree himself ans has major questions about adjusting to the pro game. I wouldn't exactly call Schaub a sure thing at this point because, again, what has he done?

    Quote Originally Posted by general counsel View Post
    His draft selection strikes me as reasonably irrelevant at this point.
    It's incredibly relevant, especially when you compare/contrast him with Losman, who went in the same class as Schaub. Losman was a first round pick whom the Bills traded back into the first round to get. Schaub went late third and was considered the lesser of the two prospects at the time.

    Also, if you're going to ask why I don't think he's worth a high to mid first round pick, then I'm going to have to see something from him as a pro since being drafted in the third round to elevate his value to that of a mid first. I haven't seen it from Schaub, and I don't see the answer to that question in your post either.

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    Re: matt schaub

    My point is that whoever is picking today at around 20 will get similar talent to what a campell or a loseman generated. We can agree to disagree on loseman and campbells production or lack thereof vs. the value of schaubs professional experience while not on the field. The redskins and bills didnt have the choice when they selected loseman/campbell, but whoever is picking at 20-27 today will presumably have the choice of taking players LIKE loseman or campbell vs trading for schaub and his three years of experience.

    We can also agree to disagree on the relevance of where they were drafted. All that tells me is what someone viewed them as when they were drafted, not what they are worth today in my opinion. I would much rather have schaub today than either campbell or loseman, straight up.

    What this debate really comes down to is what value you put on schaubs "experience" when he hasnt been on the field much, compared to the upside of guys coming right out of college. Its a point on which reasonable people can differ.

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    Re: matt schaub

    Personally I think the Lions would be a great trading partner because Martz loved Schaub as a prospect and would be likely to spend more on him.
    I seem to recall Martz being very complimentary about David Carr a while back. I've also heard that Kubiak isn't. Plummer says he won't be staying in Denver so this house of cards scenario would lead me to believe that Carr might end up in Detroit, Plummer in Houston and Schaub will be stuck behind Vick for one more year.

    Schaub falls into that Mike McMahon/A.J. Feely/T.J. Rubley category for me. I hear lot's and lot's of talk about how he should be starting, and I agree he should be over Vick in Atlanta just to find out what that team could do if it went conventional, but I have my doubts about him long term. Ooh, Rob Johnson is another good example.

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