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    McNair's Death Shows Barkley Was Half-Right

    Maybe its the absurd coverage of Michael Jackson that has me in the mood to rant about the overglorification of celebrities after their death, but I feel this needs to be said...

    Charles Barkley once noted that athletes are not role models.

    Steve McNair is a good example of why. He was an admirable figure on the field and in his public work for charities. But, behind that facade, there was a man who made the decision to have an affair (cheating on not only his wife, but his four kids as well) with a 20 year old girl. His death may not have been the foreseeable consequence of that decision, but it seems it was the direct consequence.

    And so, another "icon" disappoints us. As sports fans, we've become desensitized to this type of thing. We've seen too many heroes humbled in public to have much of a reaction.

    All I will say about it is this... Barkley was half-right. Athletes are not role models, but they should aspire to be. Anyone with the privilege of wealth, fame and influence - obtained through activities that most do for leisure - should at least make the effort to lead by example.

    All too often, Barkley's mantra is used as an excuse, rather than a mere observation.

    I no longer expect athletes to be role models. However, I continue to hope that some will at least try to be.

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    Re: McNair's Death Shows Barkley Was Half-Right

    It is hard to find role models these days.

    I was discussing McNair's murder on another message board and the guys didn't think the young woman was good enough looking and too young, but they had no problem with McNair having an affair. Perhaps morals are not fashionable and expectations for the celebrity types don't exist.

    I don't understand all the media coverage for Michael Jackson either. I guess the media wants names and faces so that they can make stories to attract the public. Television coverage is very influential in today's world. MJ wanted the public's attention and he got it. He is a weird person.

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    Re: McNair's Death Shows Barkley Was Half-Right

    I don't think you can really avoid sports stars being role models. Kids are going to dream about being like these guys when they grow up, whether the players want it to be that way or not. They might not be good role models, but for better or worse, the next generation is likely to be influenced by what they see their heroes doing.

    Unfortunately, I don't think there is any specific group that can be said to be good role models all the time. Politicians, actors, athletes...they all have their share of vices. Even among priests--who if anyone ought to be able to be identified as good role models--the high profile news stories are often about misconduct.

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