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    Mike Martz HC of the *********???????

    Mike Nolan is going into his fourth season as head coach of the dreadful ********. Mike Martz has been a head coach before and had some success. Martz is an offensive mastermind. At the end of this season, if the ******* dont finish at least 8-8, Nolan could be out. If this were to happen, what do you think the chances would be that Martz takes over as head coach? I think his chances are pretty good. I see the ******* having a better offense but i dont think there going to do 8-8, im thinking more of 6-10, 1 game better then last year.

    So, what do you think the chances are that Martz could end up the head coach of the *********?

    I think his chances are pretty good.

    Who knows, maybe next year it'll be Martz's ******** against Saunders never know.

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    Re: Mike Martz HC of the *********???????

    I would not bet against it, both are in good spots to be promoted, it could turn out to be the 2 best games of the season, would be the 2 highest scoring games,that I am sure of.

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    Re: Mike Martz HC of the *********???????

    I think this may actually be the most likely outcome of the Niners season. I don't expect to see the team winning more than 6 games, which will likely result in Nolan leaving (2009 is the last year of his contract so he either needs to be extended or fired) and then that leaves Martz in position to take over. As a niners fan I'd definately prefer we go after Shannahan (who is apparently on the hot seat) or Holmgren first.

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