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1 Chargers Trends 1
They didn't play well at Seattle yet found a way to win. That's the sign of a really good team. Philip Rivers is in a bit of a slump, though.
2 Ravens Trends 2
That defense will make them a tough matchup in the playoffs. But the real key will be Steve McNair's passing, which is something this team hasn't had.
3 Bears Trends 3
That was essentially a preseason game they played against the Lions, and they still won. This week, they should rest up for the playoffs.
4 Colts Trends 4
With that run defense, they don't stand a chance of winning a Super Bowl. But maybe it can be fixed. They made Ron Dayne look like the Wisconsin Ron Dayne.
5 Patriots Trends 5
Tom Brady will make this team dangerous come playoff time, no matter who he's throwing to at receiver. Getting guys like Rodney Harrison back is important to a run.
6 Saints Trends 6
Sean Payton isn't afraid to take chances, which is why this team is plowing to the playoffs. The defense had a heck of a day in New York on Sunday.
7 Eagles Trends 8
Lost in all the Jeff Garcia hype is how well the defense is suddenly playing. The secondary has really stepped it up.
8 Broncos Trends 10
Jay Cutler has improved the offense, and that will be key in the playoffs. But that's a different level of intensity.
9 Cowboys Trends 7
They're in the playoffs, but they're really struggling on defense. That won't win come playoff time.
10 Bengals Trends 9
Despite the botched snap Sunday, if they beat the Steelers this week and get help they could still make the playoffs. That won't be easy against a rival.
11 Jets Trends 13
This team is one victory away from a playoff berth. That is simply mind-boggling. Eric Mangini has done a heck of a job.
12 Chiefs Trends 15
This team had a playoff look six weeks ago, but had some tough losses. They need more playmakers outside on offense.
13 Jaguars Trends 11
Their destiny is no longer in their hands. That means they need to beat the Chiefs and get help -- lots of it.
14 Titans Trends 17
Can you believe this team started 0-5? Jeff Fisher has worked miracles with this group. With a little luck, this can be a playoff team. That's amazing.
15 Giants Trends 14
This thing is in the tank. But despite the awful play -- and there has been plenty of it -- they can still be a playoff team. If not, what does the future hold for Tom Coughlin?
16 Seahawks Trends 12
They're in the playoffs, but they're not playing well. They could be a one-and-done in the playoffs.
17 Falcons Trends 16
So now the quarterback is complaining about the coach? What a mess. And yet they can still make the playoffs. Wow.
18 Steelers Trends 19
The quest to repeat never really had legs. But they can ruin the Bengals season on Sunday, which you know they'd love.
19 Panthers Trends 21
After all they've been through, they're still a potential playoff team. But winning in New Orleans won't be easy.
20 Bills Trends 18
The best thing about this season for the Bills is the progress of J.P. Losman. This could be a division winner next season.
21 Packers Trends 22
They're still alive in the playoff race. Give credit to first-year coach Mike McCarthy. They need help to get in, plus win at Chicago, but weirder things have happened.
22 Rams Trends 25
The offense has come alive in the past month, and they're alive in the playoff race as well. Marc Bulger is having a heck of a season.
23 Dolphins Trends 23
The disappointing season is almost done. But will Nick Saban be around to pick up the pieces next season?
24 Vikings Trends 20
They need to find a quarterback in the worst way. Tarvaris Jackson is a ways away from being a quality starter. Maybe a trade for Byron Leftwich could work.
25 Texans Trends 31
They've had three big division victories, two over the Jaguars and one over the Colts. There is progress.
26 Cardinals Trends 26
This team has played well the past month, which has started some talk that Dennis Green might be back. We'll see on that one.
27 ***** Trends 24
They've made progress this season, but it's days like Sunday's loss to the Cardinals that remind us it's not enough. They're still another offseason away from being a playoff contender.
28 Buccaneers Trends 28
They showed some life against the Browns -- at least on defense. They need the entire offseason to fix that offense.
29 Redskins Trends 26
It looks like they have a quarterback to build around for the future in Jason Campbell. The key will be preventing Daniel Snyder from making dumb decisions come the spring.
30 Browns Trends 29
This is a team that didn't make a step up in 2006, which is a surprise. Is Romeo Crennel safe? We'll see.
31 Raiders Trends 30
Does Art Shell have one game left as some have reported? Or will Al Davis just keep him to make a reporter look bad? We'll see.
32 Lions Trends 32
Mercifully, there is just one more game. But now comes the tough part: Trying to fix this mess.