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    jkramsfan Guest

    Re: Most overrated player

    Quote Originally Posted by RAMFANRAIDERHATER View Post
    Ah GC, you beat me to it. Favor, I mean... Farve, I mean, Favre, is sooooo overated, it's a joke. Sure, every so often he make a spectacular throw, but how many games must this guy throw away before people see him for what he really is. OVERATED. He takes way too many chances and put up throws that are nothing more than "prayers". Gawd, some announcers practically worship the guy.
    i agree with you and GC on this, Favre first and Vick VERY,VERY close second.

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    bearsfan1 Guest

    Re: Most overrated player

    mike vick is way more over rated then any one here every time this guy has a good game the talking heads anoint him the next coming of god

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    Re: Most overrated player

    As I said, Favre is #1 amongst current players. Vick a close second. But when it comes to past players, I'd have to say Joe Namath. Joe Willie was way overrated. His number were so pedistrian, it's funny how so many people speak of him as a great QB. He was average, at best. He just happened to make a bold prediction about the Superbowl that came true. He loses that game, and Joe is a faded memory. Well, except for his attempt to kiss Suzy on MNF. We'll all remember that.

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    Drew4EverRams Guest

    Re: Most overrated player

    Vicks vapour rub!

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