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    MRI shows Jeremy Shockey has no broken bones, but one very sore vagina

    From the

    Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey was knocked out of New York’s game against the Redskins on Sunday with a foot injury and was unable to return, but an MRI on Tuesday showed no structural damage to his foot. Tests showed Shockey was not entirely without injury, however.
    “Jeremy was hopping around and whining like his whole foot had snapped in half,” said Dr. Ravi Amir, the Giants team physician. “I assumed it must have been based on how much he was complaining. But the MRI showed there was nothing wrong. At least nothing wrong with his foot, that is.”
    With the MRI results in hand, Amir called in a colleague of his – Dr. Sara Riser, a noted OBGYN – to speak to Shockey.
    “Dr. Amir introduced me to this lady he said could help with my vaginal pain,” said Shockey. “I told him that I don’t have a vagina, but he insisted that I must due to my pain threshold.”
    Amir said he hopes his motivational tactic gets Shockey back on the field this week.
    “I greatly respect women and female athletes – they’re just as tough, if not tougher, than many of the male athletes I’ve worked with,” he said. “But I had to tell Shockey to suck it up and stop being a wuss on his own wavelength. And calling him a woman was the best way to do that. Remember, this is the guy who called Bill Parcells a homo. He has the maturity of a 10-year-old.”



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    Re: MRI shows Jeremy Shockey has no broken bones, but one very sore vagina

    LOL I missed that somehow last week


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