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    keith m. klink Guest

    The New England *****'s

    YES , THAT IS WHAT I SAID , *****'S , ALL OF THEM . the coach , the assistants , players , tech's , all of them . anyone one who wears that uniform or monogram . they are all just a cheap prostitute , sell themselves , their team , for a win . what makes me so angry , that in 2001 , in time of this countries pain and termoil , is not that they beat a better team , it's that they passed themselves off as this great american underdog success story of no individuals , but of a total team , that non- idividualism is what beat the RAMS . that great american story of overcoming this great big football powerhouse ( RAMS) with gut's , effort , and teamwork , in the name of american 's and patriot's . i don't even care about these cheating *****'S , look at the damage that is done to other teams , and coaches , the fan's , the kid's that idolize them , the league itself . they have broken into our homes and robbed us and our teams of our faith in our own teams . they have stolen the last little bit of integrity that the NFL had , after murderous men ( rea carruth ) gun weilding thugs ( tank johnson - pacman jones) stripclub's , ( vick's dog grooming service ) there was only so much left too take . and it seams that our faith in the fair game could very well be gone . let us take a moment to thank the NEW ENGLAND *****'S for this grand gesture of sportsmanship . i sure hope that ROGER GOODALL has the forsight to not look at mr KRAFT as a friend but as an employee of the NFL , when penalties are handed out . BILICHEC - suspended 1-year , no pay , TEAM -1st - 3rd rd. draftpicks forfeited for 2-4 years , OWNER , KRAFT- 2-million dollar fine , for old retired players foundation . if GOODALL does anything less than all three of those thing's , i'm affraid that he too would be a NEW ENGLAND STREETWALKER himself .

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: The New England *****'s

    let me just apologize for the ********* blockouts , i used a W word that is the same as a streetwalker or prostitute , someone paid for sexual services , i'm just useing my star button this time . but this is just how i feel about this .

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    Re: The New England *****'s

    Appreciate your passion bro, but nothing, no matter if they look at the 2001 super bowl video and find that guy stealing signals is going to give the Rams another ring. Sure they may take away some draft picks, but they sure in the heck would NEVER acknowledge (if found true) any cheating in the Super bowl. That would destroy the NFL much the way the NBA is dealing with gambling refs and MLB with steroids.

    It still stings for me too and recent events have justified every hair brained conspirecy theory that I ever entertained over the past 6yrs. Don't look for justice because that would (if true) be the end of the NFL.
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Maybe not now, but soon.

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    Re: The New England *****'s

    Ya, but I wouldn't mind getting one or two of those draft picks though.

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