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    The NFC West

    People have been calling the NFC West the weakest division in the NFL for years now. They can say what they want, but the fact is that the West has represented the NFC in 4 of the last 10 Super Bowls, more than any other division.

    I don't know about you guys, but I enjoy rooting for other West teams in the playoffs to represent us well. If we can't beat 'em out during the season, I'd rather see them take it all the way than any other team. The only exception for me was rooting for the Steelers vs. Seahawks, only because I personally can't stand Hasselbeck, but I was pulling for them throughout the playoffs up to that point.

    If you find it difficult rooting for our West rivals in the playoffs, remember that one benefit of other West teams making it far in the playoffs (or esp. into the SB) is that their roster and coaching staff is usually raided by other teams afterward, boding well for the Rams in following seasons.

    Go NFC West!

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    Re: The NFC West

    Interesting stat. I wish that someone would point this out to the pre-game talking trolls and the morons on Sportscenter. The only exception for me in our division would be never pulling for the $%#$%.

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    Re: The NFC West

    Atlanta was in the West in 1998 when they went to the SB.

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    Re: The NFC West

    I don't root for them honestly. Although, I'm rooting for the Cards seeming I live in Arizona, I do NOT root for the other teams during the regular season.

    I really hope this division gets stronger. Next year might be it. I don't see the Rams being as poor, the Seahawks coming back healthy and the Cards playing off of this year's success.

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