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    NFC West Analysis

    Hopefully good for a laugh as the Onion makes predictions for the NFC West.

    Source: The Onion - America's Finest News Source

    NFC West
    Seattle Seahawks
    •Strength: Reports from coach's office indicate Pete Carroll is a complete football genius•Weakness: Team is in their 10th year of humoring quarterback and Make-A-Wish cancer patient Matt Hasselbeck
    •Player To Watch: Tackle Russell Okung is injured and may miss the season opener, so watching him will spare you from seeing the Seahawks play
    •Intangibles: Billionaire owner Paul Allen is concentrating less on his team and more on hollowing out the earth so he can live inside it with the dinosaurs there.

    San Francisco *****
    •Strength: He may not be a Joe Montana, but Alex Smith is proving to be a better QB than Jim Druckenmiller, Gio Carmazzi, or Steve Stenstrom ever were
    •Weakness: Whatever head coach Mike Singletary is thinking at any given moment
    •Player To Watch: Veteran Brian Westbrook is always a threat to explode into a cloud of ligaments and bone
    •Biggest Question: If the ***** are willing to let Glen Coffee go to follow Christ, what's to stop the entire team from following suit?

    St. Louis Rams
    •Strength: Going into 2010, the Rams are almost perfectly positioned to receive another high draft pick in 2011
    •Weakness: Battle for the quarterback position seems to be heating up, as neither starter A.J. Feely nor first overall draft pick Sam Bradford wants to be blamed for the upcoming 2-14 season
    •Intangibles: Scuttlebutt around the league says the Rams have a pretty good track record when it comes to playing decent music on the locker-room boom box.
    •Biggest Question: What sick f thought it would be a good idea for the Rams to face the defending Super Bowl champion Saints on the road Dec. 12?

    Arizona Cardinals
    •Strength: Superstar Larry Fitzgerald runs crisp routes, gets good separation, and watches helplessly as poorly thrown passes wobble to the turf
    •Weakness: Kurt Warner is getting slower and less accurate because he has retired and is never, ever coming back
    •Player To Watch: None, although team is well-stocked with players to turn away from while cringing because you can't bear to watch
    •Intangibles: Matt Leinart, who may be the least tangible quarterback in the NFL
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