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    NFL Europe (Germany)

    Since the ridiculously short sighted decision to disband the London Monarchs was compounded by the equally ridiculous decision to disband the Claymores, does anyone else believe as I do, that NFL Europe is in danger of failing altogether?.

    The reason that the franchises work financially to a large degree in Germany is because of the US servicemen stationed there. Consequently, postioning all of the franchises there does little to further the cause of international exapansion.

    There is next to no interest in NFL Europe in the UK, Spain, France or Italy and no long term prospect of any. Should the US servicemen leave, the prospects in Germany look equally grim.

    The NFL had a fantastic chance to set themselves up in Europe but have blown it with their shortsighted attitude to finance. They have failed to realise that Franchises aren't mobile in theEurope and traditions take a long time to bed down.

    Are there any alternatives to NFL Germany, I mean NFL Europe?
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